Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Cold = Double Ear Infections

Emma has been sick since Tuesday when day care called me at work to let me know she was running a fever. Thankful Ray was only on call Wednesday, so he took her to UPA where she was diagnosed with a cold. We were hopeful it would run its course quickly so she could be back at day care for her Christmas party, but that was not meant to be. We could not get her fever to go away or stay down without the aid of medication. So again, Ray was on call and stayed home with Emma on Thursday. By the end of the night she was feeling like her old self, but again that was not to last. We noticed some discharge from her right ear and later that night around 11:45 pm her fever spiked at 103.9 and that was scary. Emma has the possibility to trigger her seizures when her body temp gets too high, so this led to changing her, pushing fluids, medication, and getting her as cool as quickly as possible. Emma was with me all night and Ray returned to work
Friday and I stayed home with her. Friday resulted in a return trip to UPA where she was diagnosed with double ear infections. Blood was coming out of her right ear, she had chest congestion, and was placed on four medications. We then scheduled her an appointment that same day with her ENT. This appointment turned out with the doctor performing a procedure where Emma had to be held down while they inserted an instrument to suction out both ears. Emma did not take this to kindly at all, but it really seemed to help and allow her ear drops to reach their destination to do their job.

Today she seems to be doing really well despite all of the issues in the last four days. Her temp is in the 99.5 range and she is taking all medications well except her ear drops. She is even getting a bit of her appetite back.

We continue to be thankful for having such a wonderful little girl that we can call ours and that we are parents of such a bright spirit and ask that God continue to watch over her and guide her through her life's journey with love, laughter, and kindness.

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