Saturday, November 26, 2011

Indian Princess

11/18 Abby's 1st Time in a Walker

 Abigail wants to stand all the time and she has been working her leg muscles a bunch. This is her first time in the walker that we used with Emma and she loves it. She moves around and is still active on her play mat and exersaucer. Abigail is also sitting up for shorts period of time without support. I am also proud to report that as of Thanksgiving day our girl now has 2 teeth!

Thanksgiving Activities

 Poppa took Emma for a stroll around the neighborhood and her Dada followed to snap the pictures.

 Abigail Grace got some quality time being held and loved on by every family member in attendance.

 Emma Elizabeth enjoyed her game of pumpkin bowling with her Poppa outside in the front yard.

 Not to mention all the wonderful food that was homemade that both girls enjoyed.

All ending with naps due to full bellies and being all tuckered out from playing so hard.

Emma and the Pumpkins

Emma played a wonderful game of bowling with the pumpkins and her Poppa. She would roll them down the yard and Poppa would bring them back up to her. Emma loved being outside with her Poppa.

Thanksgiving 2011

We have so much to be thankful for, the most precious things in our lives, our two little girls. We had a really wonderful celebration at our house this year with our family. Our hearts are a little sad as this will be our last Thanksgiving in Aggie Land, but we look forward to this next chapter in our lives.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abigail's 1st Tooth

 Abigail has been teething for a while now and we were wondering if a tooth was every going to show up! Well... tonight at bath time I was cleaning her gums and I felt it : ) She has gotten her first bottom tooth. A picture will soon follow this post, but baby girl wanted to go to sleep early tonight.

November Birthday Celebrations

4th William Housely

4th Tank - my new nephew (nick name)
20th Christian Maxey
21st LeeAnn Maxey
25th Julius Maxey
25th Shelbilyn Bibby

Play Time after Paint Time

On Saturday, November 12th my brother and his wonderful family came to help with some touch up painting and fan cleaning at our house. They were such a big help! We are very thankful for all of my families wonderful help getting us ready for this next chapter in our lives. This is some pictures of everyone in the backyard playing some catch and relaxing after working for 4 hours without a break.  I love you guys!!!

Packing Has Begun

Our really good friends the Peeples came to visit the last weekend of October and we made a huge stride towards packing things away.

Chocolate Face

Monday, November 14, 2011

A New Nephew

My new nephew was born 11/4/11 around 2:00 pm. He weighed 9lbs 10oz and is 19 1/2 inches long. He is currently in Texas Children Hospital and we hope he gets to come home later this week. Due to his size my mom gave him the nickname Tank! This is a fitting name, due to his size my little sister had to have a c-section and the doctors still had a hard time getting him out because he was so big.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Abigail Grace at 6 Months

Unfortunately, Abby still has a cough, so when we went in for her 6 month checkup they prescribed her a nebulizer to use when she gets congested.  This is her using it.  She does pretty well with  it and doesn't fight it nearly as much as I expected.  She measured 27 3/4 inches and 18 lb. 9 oz., which is still in the high 90th percentiles for each.  Overall, she is a very happy girl and we feel extremely blessed to have her in our lives every day!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


When we found out about the Baytown position that could possible give Ray the position he had been searching for since 2008 I said a prayer, made a list of the multiple ways this position could bless our family, and lit a candle to show my burning desire for God to hear my prayer. So I thought it would be great for us to share some of the blessings that we will receive through Ray's new job.


Ray will now how better hours, resulting in him being able to spend more quality time with our precious daughters.

Also with a better work schedule Ray will be able to contribute to the household on a regular basis and we could save money by him doing things we normally have to pay someone to do (taking care of the lawn).

We will be able to enjoy time with our extended family, enjoy those gatherings that create wonderful memories and experiences for our little girls. 

We will now have the time and opportunity to expose our girls to more culture through theater, ballet, plays, musicals, museums, zoo, and many more events, locations, and availability to do this due to Ray's new work schedule. 

Ray will now be able to celebrate all Holidays with his family. This is a big one for us, sense we enjoy celebrating all holidays.

We will now be able to be a more active Aunt and Uncle to our numerous nieces and nephews. 

At one that I really look forward to is having a regular DATE NIGHT!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

William James Henry Housley

Today my father would be 67  years old. I will always remember the great things about him and I am thankful for the time that I was able to have with him. I just wish my children would have had the chance to be held by him just once.

I am my fathers daughter and my love for him is eternal. Happy Birthday Dad. I Love You!