Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve 2014

The Pheris family traditions continue with games, laughter, and family time to bring in the New Year. From my family to yours we wish all a Happy New Year!

May you be surrounded by love and laughter,
May you be blessed with health and wealth,
May you be granted peace and prosperity.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Trip to Aggieland

We have been trying to get to Aggie land for a month to take the girls to Santa's Wonderland. So we decided to go on Saturday. We booked everything without looking at the weather report so of course we had no idea of the rain or the cold front that was coming with it. That being said and money already spent we went to College Station anyway and prayed the entire way their that it would not rain during visit to Santa's Wonderland to see the lights, drink some hot chocolate, and eat some kettle corn.

We got into town around lunch and decided to go into Bryan to eat some tasty steak at Sodolaks. It was a blessing that the rain had let up by then and it was not that windy... but it was in the 40's and all of us was dressed for the weather except Ray... who was in a t-shirt and some basketball shorts. The girls had to sit on either side of their Poppa before they would settle down and be happy. Abby Grace ate her steak and extra helpings from her Poppa, our girl is a true T-rex when it comes to beef. We ran into a friend that Ray used to work with at Brazos County 911. It was nice to see her and get to talk for a few minutes. While relaxing and enjoying lunch we got a message from Emma's wonderful Godfather am we were able to make arrangements to meet up with him and his family for a brief visit, which was a nice bonus for us all! 

But first we needed to hist some retail locations so I could get some Aggie gear, ornaments, and just be around all things Aggie! Plus Ray was in need of warmer clothing due to the weather so he purchased some much needed sweat pants to help him stay warm. I stocked up on Aggie Christmas shirts for next year and I am super excited to show them off. At work my boss lets us wear jeans the week before Christmas if you wear Christmas shirts or sweaters with them... so now I have four Aggie Christmas shirts and I am sure my super wonderful and loving husband will get me number 5 before next Christmas.

We had a lovely visit with Richard and his family at the Hilton in College Station so that he could see the girls and give them their gifts for Christmas. They were both really excited about seeing them and getting their gifts. We are blessed to have such a wonderful man be the Godfather for our little girl, he always does for them and is always there for us. Although our visit was brief it was heartfelt and meaningful for all of us.

Our trip to Santa's Wonderland was fun with the girls loving all that they saw. It was a bit on the wet and muddy side considering all the rain, but it was dry for our ride through the light, but due to the cold wet weather we did not stay too long and left for home. 

I am always excited to go back to the place I consider home and a bit sad when I have to leave, but I know I will always return and the love and memories that Aggie land holds will be there every time I return.

Chesser Christmas

December 26th we went to spend some time with the Chesser side of the family for Christmas. The girls had a wonderful time playing with their cousin Ty and seeing all of their Great Aunts, Great Grandfather, and other cousins. We relaxed, talked, ate some really tasty soups prepared by Brandie and Angie and for desert enjoyed some chocolate and peanut butter fudge that Ray made.  The girls also enjoyed terrorizing... um I mean playing with Brandie's little dog as well as running around in their big backyard. We wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Night

We finally relaxed at home with Poppa over for dinner and to watch the girls open their gifts here at our house. They were excited to see their Poppa again and was amazed that he was at their house when we showed up. Their expressions and sounds of excitement when opening their gifts are little memories I will treasure for years to come.

Emma and Abby getting ready to open presents.

Abby surrounded by her gifts... she kept saying she wanted Ariel.

Emma posing with her gifts in the background.

The girls getting ready to help Momma open her gifts.

Ray finally getting to open his gifts.

Then... the after party of putting everything together and opening the packages for the girls.

Chritsmas Afternoon

We spent the afternoon in Beaumont visiting the girls other grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. They had a blast playing with the cats, dogs, and cousins. We had some snacks, opened our gifts, and enjoyed talking and catching up with each other.

Keith and Mom opening their gifts.

Shanna opening her gift.

Graylon and Christian opening their gift.

Emma and Abby showing off their new outfits.

Lee Anna opening her gift.

Beulah showing off her gift.

Christmas Morning

It has been our tradition for the last 21 years that we open presents with Mom and Dad at their house with hot chocolate and Dad making a big breakfast for us all. It was a little bitter sweet, but the tradition continued. The girls let us sleep in until 8:00 then we headed over for our 1st of 3 Christmas celebrations today.

The girls had a blast and loved all of their gifts. We had a tasty breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and hot chocolate. Poppa handed out the gifts as always, and we opened the gifts from youngest to oldest... well we tried, but the girls decided they wanted to open their gifts together. We are blessed to be able to enjoy the greatest gift of all... time with our family.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas Cheer

 Below are all the decorations in the girls room. They loved having their own tree in their room to decorate and play with

The elf on this tree was given to Emma from Mrs. Murray her kindergarten teacher at BBH.

The girls received this nativity scene for Christmas last year and they have truly enjoyed playing with it.

Their Disney collection of snow globes.

Their collection of Disney figures from Nana and Poppa.

Our tree is too tall for our house so we could not put the top on it this year.

This was bought for us by Mom when we lived in Bryan the year before we had Emma.

This Santa and Mrs. Clause are from the Housley side of the family. They always decorated the dining room in our home.

Even our Christmas decorations are all about A&M.


Mississippi Family

While traveling to Florida to take the girls to Disney World we drove and visited family in Mississippi. I was fortunate to get to spend some time with some really special people and some got to meet my girls for the first time. I wish we could visit more often, but when we do it makes the visits even more meaningful. We meant to post these pictures sooner but things got really busy once we got back... We love all of our family in Mississippi and wish them a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mamaw Doris - Philadelphia Mississippi

Cousin Sadie with Abby
Canned goodies from Aunt Catherine  - my Mamaw Shirley used to send us this type of stuff when we were little.

Aunt Tammy, Aunt Catherine, Cousin Sadie my family in Seminary Mississippi

They girls had an absolute blast visiting with their cousins and great aunt and great great aunt while in Seminary. They got to play with a ton of tows, were given a gift from their cousin Sadie and feed some great home cooked food. The girls did not want to leave and have asked to go back and visit again. 

Christmas Eve 2

 We gave Dad a frame full of pictures from the past several years that had special moments of our lives with Mom, him, the girls, and Eric. The gift was inspired by Mom... she had been talking about replacing her picture of magnolias in the dinning room for a while, so we were working on this idea for many months and Ray brought all to fruition over the last three days.

Ray and Dad going over the different pictures in the frame.

Our tradition with the girls is they always get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. We always get them their new pj's that they spend wearing all day on Christmas. This year they were the Elf on the Shelf night gowns and the girls loved them.

Christmas Eve

Monkey Bread for breakfast with Hot Chocolate

The girls putting out food for the reindeer, so Santa knows to come through the front door.

Zeth, Perla, and Fancisco opening their gifts from us.

The girls opening their gift from Aunt Lulu.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with a dinner of shrimp creole, french bread, and southern sweet tea.
We enjoyed playing games, watching the kids play, and spending some quality time as a family.
The kids had a blast getting to spend time with their cousins and Aunt Lulu, along with Poppa and their Uncle Eric. We had a wonderful time.