Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

These are a few pictures of the girls in their ladybug costumes for Halloween. Emma seemed to like giving out candy at our house more than going to get it!

10/29 Abigail Grace 1st Time with Baby Food

We tried sweet potatoes and bananas for the 1st time. Abigail just did not seem all that into the baby food yet. It could be that she was tired and really wanted her bottle to take a nap! We will try again at Thanksgiving and hope for better results.

Emma's Fall Party

We love these special times for our kids. Emma was sick last year and had to miss her fall celebration at her previous school, have to say that this celebration was a treat for her and for us getting to share it with her.

Abigail Grace with her Dada, she is making such sweet faces at us these days. She is making more sounds and exploring more as well.

Emma enjoying herself with all of her friends. She is super sweet to everyone and we got many complements on her good manners.

We went and brought Abigail Grace into the party to enjoy some time with her Big Sis Emma.

Our adorable Emma with her friends. She has had a wonderful time at her new school with all these wonderful little kids, the teachers are terrific too!

This is the yummy treat that Emma took to her Fall Party. All very tasty and healthy for her friends to enjoy.

A Week of Halloween Fun

Each precious girl wore a different outfit for each day for school for the past six days! We love celebrating Halloween and we make sure the girls enjoy it as well. Nana and Poppa helped supply the girls with the majority of their outfits this year!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Family Fun

Congratulations to Ray

Ray has accepted a new position as head of Emergency Communications in our hometown. This is a position that he has been working towards since 2008. He just recently finished all certifications in September and we are so proud of him! We look forward to the changes to come and give thanks daily for this blessing from God. We hope that more wonderful blessings continue to come our way with this move.

* could not find a picture of him by himself because he is such a wonderful father they are all with his girls!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yell Practice Wore Her Out

Our Abigail can be heard throughout the house when she is super happy or extremely frustrated! This past Aggie game lead to excitement for her and new phrases for Emma (appropriate ones of course). 

Dada and His Girls

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hooray for Halloween

 The girls will be celebrating the 50's in style for a dress up day at school. The outfit on the left is for Abigail and was bought before we ever knew about this fun dress up day for the girls. The outfit on the right was bought after we found out for Emma. I added the poodle and the rhinestones to this cute little outfit. Looking forward to adorable pictures we will be taking of the girls.

 The outfits above are for our Abigail Grace for her 1st Halloween courtesy of her Nana and Poppa! Some of these spooktacular outfits were found at Cracker Barrel, Babies R Us, and Target. We are even getting professional pictures taken of the girls in their Halloween costumes.

The outfits above are for our Emma Elizabeth courtesy of her Nana and Poppa! Again these adorable outfits were found at Target, Carters, and Cracker Barrel. We are getting more excited as time gets closer and we start dressing our girls up. I was raised celebrating all of the holidays and I will enjoy doing the same with the girls!