Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lady Bug Costumes for Halloween

These are the Halloween costumes that Nana bought for the girls this year. We thought it would be cute for the girls to have matching outfits this year. But in future their Dada wants to avoid doing this. Below are pictures of how I took the original and improved them by 1000%!!

The gems are glued on and the little lady bugs on the tulle were hand sewn by me. I really enjoyed adding the little extras to the outfits. Doing this reminded me of my Mom putting our costumes together. We might not have always had the money to buy our costumes, but she was very creative and good with a needle so she could spruce up something in our closets and we were set!

 The little hat that goes with Abigail's costume is bejewled and the bow is detachable in case she does not like the hat I will be able to place the bow on a headband and we are good to go.

On the back of her little outfit was a tulle set of wings that I added the adorable bow to by hand sewing it to the original wings. We are looking forward to some really great pictures of the girls in their outfits. I also picked up some black hose and red socks for Abigail's outfit. I will be adding some sparkle to both before Halloween.

 So here is Emma's costume, a bigger version of her sister's. I added the same gems with the fabric glue, created the red and white polka dot bow that I attached with thread and needle.

 Her outfit came with a headband that I added a bow to. The bow is also detachable like Abigail's, so just in case she does not like the headband I can just clip in into her hair. To go with her outfit we found some sparkly red slippers and black tights that already have gems on them that match the ones I glued onto the costume.

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