Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emma Enjoying Herself

Corrao Family Visit

Emma had a great time with all of her cousins and can't wait to see them at her birthday party!

Galaxy Cupcakes

This bakery is located in Georgetown and these sweet treats were great! We brought some home as a thank you to 2 friends and another for Kim when she came over for a play date with Grace.

I will go back if I am ever in the area.

Emma's New Toy

We bought this for Emma when we were in San Marcos visiting with Cesily and Jason before going to see Dr. Kerr. She loves Micky Mouse Club House so this was the toy for her.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Little Mermaid

We took Emma to Aerofit to go swimming for the first time today. She took to it like a natural, and was having a ton of fun! She has always enjoyed splashing around in the bath, so we figured she would be our Little Mermaid. She is now signed up for lessons in order to get her more acclimated to the water and to prepare her to learn how to swim when she gets a bit older.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dada's Day

As Emma calls Ray her Dada, this post is dedicated to him being the best Dada a little girl could ever hope for. From the moment we discovered that we were expecting our first child, Ray has been there for her. He went to every single appointment for the entire 9 months of pregnancy. Even then, he was 100% devoted to his little girl. Ray was the one that told me we were having a girl, he could already feel that special bond beginning to form between him and his Sweet Pea.

The day she entered this world his smile could light up the night. Through her newborn days and even now with her being 11 months and 1 week old, he still gets up with her during the late hours of the night if she needs anything at all. Ray adores his daughter and his princess adores her Dada.

So to my husband, the person I fell in love with 17 years ago. You are the most outstanding Dada I have ever known. I am blessed to have you in my life. Emma will always be Dada's little girl.

We celebrated this very special day by going to dinner Saturday at the Republic, giving Ray some cards, and taking him a snow cone and visiting him at work. We have also scheduled him a massage to relax since he works so hard to give us everything he can. We will also be looking into a new BBQ pit if we can't get his old one working. Emma's new word today was BBQ!

Happy Fathers Day 2010

Daughter to father poems . A Little Girl Needs Daddy poem

A little girl needs Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
That is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She'll always find him there.

Monday, June 14, 2010

11 Months Old

Emma turned 11 months old yesterday, and celebrated by spending the weekend with Cesily and Jason in San Marcos. She had to go to the doctor in Austin the next day, so it was a great opportunity to get to spend some time with them.

Emma found Jason's hat to be a mighty fine chew toy.

In the afternoon, we took a trip to Gruene, TX to look at the shops. Emma found a place in the shade to cool down.

Here she is sitting up like a big girl by herself!

This is in front of a covered wagon in Gruene with Mommy.

Mommy admiring her princess!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 1st

Playing Dressup


Saturday with Nana, getting ready to celebrate with Poppa and eat some cake. Emma got to taste some Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell Ice cream.

Emma and Poppa with their matching outfits on the couch.

Daddy and Emma in his chair. Emma is starting to feel better, but still has her moments of fussy behavior. This is the 30th.

The 29th Emma and Nana in the back yard getting a little sunlight on the swing.

This is the later in the evening of the 28th and I decided she could have a push pop to help with her temp. She was not taking her bottles well at all.

At this point all Emma wanted to do was sleep. The seizure took a lot out of her.

This is of Ray and Emma the morning of the 27th. The day after our little world changed.

Let Them Eat Cake

This cake was Delicious and homemade! We ate some and then shared some with friends.

The Loves of My LIfe