Sunday, June 6, 2010


Saturday with Nana, getting ready to celebrate with Poppa and eat some cake. Emma got to taste some Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell Ice cream.

Emma and Poppa with their matching outfits on the couch.

Daddy and Emma in his chair. Emma is starting to feel better, but still has her moments of fussy behavior. This is the 30th.

The 29th Emma and Nana in the back yard getting a little sunlight on the swing.

This is the later in the evening of the 28th and I decided she could have a push pop to help with her temp. She was not taking her bottles well at all.

At this point all Emma wanted to do was sleep. The seizure took a lot out of her.

This is of Ray and Emma the morning of the 27th. The day after our little world changed.

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