Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nana and Poppa's Fabulous Valentine's Day

Abby and Emma want to say thank you to their Nana and Poppa for their Valentine's gifts.  They loved them, but loved spending the day with them even more!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My 8th Grade Classroom

Organization system for my class interactive notebooks.
3 Rules, 3 Consequences keeping it simple.
Posting of my schedule for student tutorials.
Organization for daily assignments for absent students.

Vroom Goes the Jeep

Our girls got to ride their jeep for the first time since moving to our new place. They had 20 minutes of fabulous fun with their Dad nearby to assist them if they needed it. He only had to get them unstuck twice. The girls did not want to stop and go inside nor  ride any of their other toys. We are looking forward to more outside fun and memories with our girls.

Adventures at Chuck E Cheese

The girls started asking us to go to Chuck E Cheese so we decided to head on over to Pasadena to do some shopping and give them what they wanted. I have never been with the girls to this type of place, Ray has been with them on a previous trip. We had a blast! I can say that they took really good measures to make sure that the kids left with the adults they entered with. Emma did not mind when the mouse came by and said hi, but Abby Grace did not like it at all. It really wore them out and they passed out on the way home.

Valentines Day

Emma and Abby showing off their cute shirts.
Ray with his sweethearts!
Abby showing off her new pose.
Brandie with her Sweet Pea and Honey Bun
Goodies that students gave to me at work.
My gifts from the Ray and the girls.
The goodies the girls got at their school party.
Emma's dance class exchanged treats.
Rays gifts from all of his girls.