Friday, April 20, 2012

Professional Decor at Work

This just gives you a glimpse into the super professional decor of my new campus. The entire school is decorated in a similar fashion. Administrations offices, secretary offices, they have separate workrooms and faculty lounge. The lounge is really nice with multiple tables, couch, and all the essentials you could ask for including an ice machine!

Easter Celebration at Work

Our faculty lounge was decorated for Easter. We went in here to exchange our egg for some goodies.
Everyone received a little something in their box to celebrate Easter. It was so sweet walking into school Thursday morning and finding all these little treats for us.

This is what I was given in my box. It was filled with some tasty fun sized candy. It is such a small thing but it makes me feel thought of and a part of the whole.

We also celebrated Easter with an egg hunt! Every teacher had an egg hid in their room they needed to find. Then cash in for some goodies. I really enjoyed this and it was refreshing to work for a place that does the little extra things to bring their employees together.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thanks Nana!

Nana is always a huge help with the girls.  Many times she helps get them ready for school, feeds them, bathes them, and takes care of their every need!  Thanks Nana!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet Easter Treats

Nana and Emma making cupcake batter.

Emma taste testing her yummy batter.

Getting ready to do some decorating!

Emma super excited to see all the Peeps!

Emma now trying to taste test all the candy before we decorate.

Uncle Eric baked all of these tasty cookies, when it was all done we had 5 different types.

Finished products with cupcakes and stuffed eggs.

When this was over I used a total of 40 Peeps, 7 different types of sprinkles, 1 large bag of jelly beans, 2 1/2 containers of frosting, and lets just say there is only 1 left the day after Easter!

OCD much? Yes I know I am and I am proud of it, but they look so adorable lined up this way.

Presentation for our family to come and make their selections! They loved them.

Emma and Abigail's Easter Baskets

 Above are the girls baskets from their Nana and Poppa. Abigail's basket is on the left and Emma's basket is on the right. The girls received necklaces, socks, books, candy, James Avery charm for their bracelets, card, and an Ariel and Bell Princess water toy.

Above are the girls baskets from their Mama and Dada. Abigail's is on the left and Emma's is on the right. The girls received necklaces, books, bracelets, candy, Hop, card, jump rope, and bubbles.

Brandie made their bows and decorated their baskets, this talent and tradition comes down from her Mom.

Gifts from Great Aunt Trish

Both girls got some peeps, Abigail received a cute hat and bib, and Emma was given a super cute purse!
Thanks Aunt Trish the girls loved their gifts : )

Sunday, April 8, 2012