Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom


Not a minute goes by that you're not thought of, loved, missed, wanted, needed, or tears shed.  There are so many moments that come to mind where I hit rewind to relive my memories with you.
You are always welcome in our hearts, on our minds, and our souls reach out for yours everyday.

Nana, your girls ask about you all of the time.  They sleep with your picture above their bed.  They wear your favorite perfume and body sprays.  Emma has your taste in food and Abby has your personality.  Both girls have different items that belonged to you.  They adore you, love you, and miss you, and we will keep your memories, traditions, and values going while raising your girls.

Happy birthday!  We love and miss you, and today we celebrate you and the impact you made on our lives.  Your morals and values, example of how to be a wonderful mom, loving wife, and greatest Nana ever will live on forever!

First Day of School

Emma and Abby started school last week, with Emma going into 1st grade and Abby starting Pre-K!  They had a great summer, but both were really excited to start school.  We look forward to seeing their growth this year and how they react to both being in school at the same time.


Aunt Pat came over to help the girls bake cookies for the beginning of school.  She was very patient with them, especially when they wanted to be independent and do things their own way!  The girls helped her make the dough, cut the cookies into shapes, and then decorate them when they were done.  It was a great day of fun and the girls are already wanting to do it again!

14 Years of Marriage

On 8/11/15, Brandie and I celebrated out 14th wedding anniversary.  We ate our traditional Jack in the Box lunch together, which is what we ate on the way to our hotel after our wedding since we were too busy to eat at the reception.  We then celebrated by having a great weekend together doing activities we enjoy.  We saw Sam Smith on Friday, then stayed at the Houstonian Hotel on Saturday, ordered in room service and a movie as well as ate at their excellent restaurant, then went to see Kevin Hart that evening.  Brandie also got a Texas A&M Dooney & Bourke purse she had her eye on.  With out busy lives it is hard to get away for a weekend together very often, but it is great when we get the opportunity!

22 Years Together

On 8/8/15, we celebrated 22 years of being a couple.  To celebrate, we made a trip to College Station with the girls to visit our old haunts and see friends.  We were invited to a birthday party with the girls, so we took them and their bathing suits. and we had a lot of fun.  We stayed at the Hilton, ate Caffe Capri for dinner, and the following morning ate breakfast tacos in Downtown Bryan before visiting Brazos County 911.  We they did a walking tour of the A&M campus and got a close up look of the new Kyle Field, which was gorgeous.  We got each other Fitbits as gifts as well!

Summer Fun

We had all kinds of adventures this Summer, and as you can tell we had a blast!