Monday, April 26, 2010

1st Taste of Ice Cream

Emma's first taste of ice cream and she made some wonderful faces.

With these faces we don't know if she likes it or not, but she was willing to try it a couple of times.

Ray picked out this outfit when we visited the Aggie Moms sale on parents weekend. She looks beautiful and ready to hunt Bevo at the same time.

Emma's New Pets

These two have decided to make our home their home. Their nest is above our front door. So duck if you come to visit and they fly at your head.

Bling on the Toes

Emma and Mommy played in the the big jewelery box and decided to decorate Emma's toes!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yellow Rose of Texas

Spending some quality time together before I go to work with my favorite girl.

Emma showing off her teeth for Daddy.

All smiles when she wakes in the morning to greet the day and us.

Daddy does not prefer this color, but she looks great in it!

Pajama Day

Emma is so cute in her pajamas that we let her go around all day in this pair.

She even has matching accessories! SO ADORABLE!!

I love her smile, her laugh, her ability to make my life more interesting every day.

Those beautiful blue eyes shine with love. What a blessing motherhood is.

Emma now has six teeth at 9 months old and is teething as more try to come in.

Emma's Play Date with Grace

Emma at Grace's house on 4/15/10. This is Emma's 1st play date at someone's house.

Emma had a blast! A new experience with friends is a wonderful thing.

Gorgeous Grace saying hi to the camera. She is moving everywhere.

Emma was all smiles and playing the entire time. We will need to do this again sometime soon.

Thank you to Kim and Grace for having us at your house for some fun and relaxation!

Big Girl Bath

We are now doing Big Girl Baths! Emma loves her time in the water.

She is all smiles as she enjoys her first time in a big girl bath on 4/6/10.

Daddy of course researched and purchased all of her items to make sure she is safe as she enjoys her time in the bath.

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

Ray made me this wonderful desert. He made pound cake from scratch using a family recipe from his mother's side of the family. He then made the whipped cream, it was sweet, thick, and rich! The strawberries were picked up at the local Farm Patch because mine are not mature yet.
I loved it all, every last bite!

1st Time at the Park

Daddy giving her a push to get her started. 3/27/10. This is a park that we used to live next to when I attended A&M.

Emma loved the park! She started kicking her legs on her own to get the swing to move.

She did not want to leave. We had a wonderful time. She has been to the park three times now. I look forward to going more often with her this summer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


These pictures were taken 4/3/10. It was a beautiful day outside, and the wildflowers had started to bloom, so we took Emma out to get some pictures in them. These pictures show that, at the time, Emma loves being in the flowers and playing with them while posing for Mommy and Daddy. Shortly thereafter, however, Emma broke out in a blistering rash from the flowers. She is feeling much better now, but these will likely be the only wildflower pictures Emma gets!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Maroon and White Game 2010

My beautiful family enjoying a day in Aggieland! WHOOP!

Emma looking out over Kyle Field as our Ags demonstrate some mad skills with the ball.

Need I say anything more...

Mommy and Emma share some secrets of what life is like as an Aggie.

Emma want to be a big girl and drink from a regular bottle like Mommy and Daddy. When she just can get it she decides to chew on it with her five teeth.

Our girl making a sweet face at her Daddy as she tries to take the camera for herself.

Our sweet Angel adores her Daddy if you can't tell this pictures says it all.

We received many sweet complements about how cute our Emma looked today. They loved her outfit and remarked on how precious she was and that we were raising her right with the Maroon and White!

Emma awake after the cannon is fired and the crowd finished a yell. She loved it all and we enjoyed our day together as a family. It does not happen as often as we would like, but it makes those days that is does so more special.

Sleeping Beauty with Mommy at Kyle Field.

Our first stop on Campus was Dunn Hall. Ray lived here the entire time he attended college. This is Emma with Ray outside the building before going in and giving her a tour of the dorms and commons area. We hope that one day she will be here repeating history in her fathers footsteps, but we might have to settle for an athletic dorm instead since our girl is destined for the Lady Aggies Basketball Team.

Emma trying to get in a quick nap before we leave the house to start our day in Aggieland.
We had such a wonderful time. I feel truly blessed when we can be together and share in each others lives so fully as we did today.
Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Feel free to post your comments.