Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Flower Centerpiece that I had designed for the dining table for our brunch today that my wonderful husband cooked! It was delicious.

Easter decorations in Emma's room. I try to put a little something in her room for each of the holidays that we celebrate as a family.

I loved these eggs. The jewel tones are so beautiful and they were shiny, so it made the colors pop even more!

Emma with the Easter Bunny at the mall on Saturday. She had such a good time. She is never afraid, nor does she cry. She is such a happy baby.

Decorations by me with roses I bought for $5.00! The bunnies on the right side are gifts from Ray from our very first Easter together in 1994, I am so happy I have all of these wonderful items to share with Emma when she gets older.

My centerpiece for the table before we picked up the flowers.

Emma loves looking at the door when she eats, so I put up these decorations to give her something special to look at during this Easter season.

Basket number 1, we bought so much stuff we could not fit all of Emma's stuff in one basket.

Basket number 2, this one holds outfits, a tall chocolate bunny, and much more.

Basket number 3 holds a book with some peeps! We had fun with these later in the day.

Basket number 4 is another book with some bunny peeps.

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