Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stress of the Test

I can say with my whole heart that I am so happy that the STAAR test is over... well for most. The testing is stressful for both student and teacher. The late nights worrying if you covered everything, should you do this or do that... The long days and early mornings when you change your mind on the approach to take on a TEK. The phone calls, emails, and worries you try and sooth from both parents and students. There is so much more that I can say and describe, but at this point I am just giving THANKS that for me it is over and I can now take my knowledge from these experiences and try to create a better path to follow next year.

God Bless the teachers who are in tested subjects, for they have a bit more stress on their shoulders than those who are in an area not tested.

B&B in Aggieland

Our little slice of heaven while staying in Aggieland. Ray was able to find us a B&B just off campus and it was perfect!. They provided three different types of juices, fruit kolaches, sausage kolaches, milk, cereals, waters, and freshly baked cookies. It was super clean, well-organized, and just the right size. We truly enjoyed our stay and I would love to go back for another stay.

Park Fun in B/CS

We took a trip to Aggieland 4/27-4/28 for Abby's 3rd birthday pictures. We loved being back in God's country. The girls loved the trips to the parks in both College Station and Bryan. We drove around and saw the changes, went down memory lane, visited campus, and of course bought some new Aggie gear while in town. We love it in Aggieland and we try to go back as often as we can. We were able to spend some time with friends and cherished accidentally running into others. The girls had a great time and we were able to share with them our love of everything Aggie while creating special memories. All of us went to Pro Nails and had our toes done! It was our girls first time ever getting a spa pedi. We look forward to returning sometime soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We all had a wonderful Easter celebration today.  The girls opened their Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny when they woke up, and later got to open the baskets the Easter Bunny dropped for the at Nana and Poppa's house too!  They then got to play with some of the things in their baskets, including jump ropes.  Later in the afternoon, their Aunt Lulu and their cousins came over to play and to eat a lunch of ham, green beans, carrots, rolls, and coconut cake.  They finished it off with an Easter egg hunt.  All of that fun wore them out, because they are now laying in their bed watching the Frozen movie they received in one of the baskets.  Now Mommy and Daddy get to clean up!

Emma and Abby's Easter Celebration at School

The girls took their baskets and 2 dozen stuffed eggs and participated in an egg hunt at school. They had a ton of fun and came back with baskets stuffed with goodies! 

Party in BH

The girls were invited to a Princess and Pirate Neverland birthday celebration. Emma has twins in her class and Abby has their little brother in her class. So it was one big bash to celebrate three kiddos special day. The girls got to feed and pet baby chicks, ducks, goats, turtles, ride a pony, and had a great time!

Calling Nana and Poppa

We went to the San Jacinto Mall to run some errands and the girls came across their first pay phone. They both needed to take turns calling their Nana and Poppa.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

March Madness 2014

March Madness... well as you can see we only manage a couple of posts each monthly now. As our girls get bigger our lives get busier. We watched our Lady Aggies as they played their hearts out this season and our girls embraced their love of the game by watching along and playing some ball themselves. Emma has now started basketball and we are enjoying each and every moment of it with her. She is still learning the basics, but her personality always shines through.  In fact, in the last game she and one of her teammates decided it was more important to hug and swing around than cover their opponent!  Their coach got a kick out of it, and it shows that she is out there having fun!