Sunday, April 26, 2009

Now...on MTV Cribs...Emma's Room!

Hello America! Thank you for coming into our home to see the unveiling of Emma's room. When you first walk in you see the shelving that hold's Emma's knickknacks.

A closer look shows the collection of baubles she has already collected: Pictures of Mommy and Daddy, picture frames to show off all of her adventures, and boxes full of bows, headbands, and other beauty necessities.

On the far wall is the changing table and dresser area. This is where she will change into all of her FABULOUS outfits. You can already tell she likes to be seen, because even her windows have bling!

No room would be complete without some entertainment. This is a portion of her collection of stuffed animals and toys to play with.

Those toys aren't the only ones, however. This motley crew protects her from any mutated, roving, carrot monsters that try to invade her sanctum.

Like any star, Emma likes for people to know who lives in such opulence. These hand-crafted letters were made by her Mommy to let the world know who's room this was!

Lastly comes the centerpiece of any good room, a comfortable place to rest! This bed has a comfortable mattress and bedding set to make sure Emma gets her beauty rest.

Hold on, did you see that glimmer of light? Surely it couldn't be...IT IS! Waterford crystal on the mobile! Only the best for this baby!

Here is a last look at the room. Hopefully you enjoyed a peek into the life of a princess!

Emma's Shower

Ray and I would like to think all of our close friends and family that attended the shower this weekend to help us celebrate our daughter. It was great seeing close friends that we had not seen in a while, as well as those we are fortunate enough to see every day. We appreciate everyone's well wishes, gifts, and for thinking of Emma!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Six Months

Yesterday marked 24 weeks of pregnancy! We are very excited to start down the home stretch of this adventure and are ready to welcome Emma to the world soon!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting Ready for Emma

1st picture: Ray being the wonderful man he is, sorting his daughter's belongings. We already think she owns more clothing than her dear Dad.

2nd picture: After we finished sorting her stuff and put it away, the nursery looked a bit more put together and less like a tornado had hit it.

3rd picture: Once all of the laundry had been done and Ray hung and sorted out where to put all the closet organizers, this it what it looked like in the closet. We hope it stays this way for a while.

As you can see we still have a bit of decorating to do and we hope to have that all accomplished 100% by the end of May.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the new posts that I have put up. Feel free to leave comments, call, or email us any time. Thank you to everyone who has helped us and who have been so supportive to us as we prepare to welcome our daughter into our lives!

Reggie's Life

Since finding out about having Emma we have been doing a lot of baby stuff and not a ton of Reggie stuff. As you all know we went to Florida for Spring Break. When we got back and picked up Reggie from being kenneled, he had caught a cold while he was there. This is our little man not feeling well. Not only did he have to contend with the cold, he had so much more to deal with.

Every where Reggie went, Emma's clothing followed! This was the weekend we were doing the sorting and laundry. The poor pup walked around in a bit of a daze, sniffed the clothing, sneezed, then finally gave up and collapsed in the middle of the sorting in front of Ray.

Once he had enough he climbed up in the chair with me for the night and watched some t. v. before returning to his pillow in our floor.The one thing that did not change, even when he was fighting his cold, was him eagerly awaiting Ray at the door. Reggie has done this since he was a pup.


Since we found out that we are having a girl my water bill has burst! We have sorted through all the girl stuff we already have. We even separated by size and season. Then the washing began.

I never mind doing laundry but trying to figure out what to hang, how to hang it, and where to place it was bit overwhelming at first.

Nana came in to help us with it for the weekend. She was really a huge help! Ray was also a super star of this operation. He was such a wonderful help through the entire process. He really took charge and worked out the system on how to best accomplish what we needed to do.

I was in awe of my husband sitting in the middle of our bed surrounded by mounds of pink baby clothing placing matching caps with sleepers and mating the tiny socks. I thought I took a picture, but maybe my wonderful hubby wanted to avoid its publication so its M.I.A. right now.

I thought by the time we were through with the laundry my eye would twitch at the sound of the dryer going off. This did prove to be a great bonding time for us and we talked about all types of parenting concerns when it came to clothing, diapers, baths, etc.... So even though I might twitch when the dryer goes off, it really was a great time!

The Pheris Men

The Pheris men spent Sunday getting in some quality time which is a rare treat for them because of Ray and his Dad's work schedules. This day was to celebrate the birthday of Ray and his brother E. C. as a family. We had some ice cream cake and they opened their gifts before they left on their male bonding journey. They went to lunch, saw a movie, and went to the WWE Wrestlemania XXV in Houston.

While the guys went and did the "guy thing," I spent the day with Ray's mom and we had a wonderful time.

Girl Talk

This past Sunday, I got to go home and spend some quality time with some very wonderful women. These women have been a positive influence on my life since I was 12. We had a really great time having brunch together, talking about the past, motherhood, babies, shopping, and planning the celebration to welcome in the next generation of the Pheris clan.

I just wanted to say thank you to Brandie, Trish, and Nana for a very special time on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank You

Emma and her parents would like to express their thanks to Nana and Poppa for all of their generous support and assistance with getting things in order for her big day. There are never enough words for us to truly say how much you mean to us and that we appreciate all you do!