Sunday, April 26, 2009

Now...on MTV Cribs...Emma's Room!

Hello America! Thank you for coming into our home to see the unveiling of Emma's room. When you first walk in you see the shelving that hold's Emma's knickknacks.

A closer look shows the collection of baubles she has already collected: Pictures of Mommy and Daddy, picture frames to show off all of her adventures, and boxes full of bows, headbands, and other beauty necessities.

On the far wall is the changing table and dresser area. This is where she will change into all of her FABULOUS outfits. You can already tell she likes to be seen, because even her windows have bling!

No room would be complete without some entertainment. This is a portion of her collection of stuffed animals and toys to play with.

Those toys aren't the only ones, however. This motley crew protects her from any mutated, roving, carrot monsters that try to invade her sanctum.

Like any star, Emma likes for people to know who lives in such opulence. These hand-crafted letters were made by her Mommy to let the world know who's room this was!

Lastly comes the centerpiece of any good room, a comfortable place to rest! This bed has a comfortable mattress and bedding set to make sure Emma gets her beauty rest.

Hold on, did you see that glimmer of light? Surely it couldn't be...IT IS! Waterford crystal on the mobile! Only the best for this baby!

Here is a last look at the room. Hopefully you enjoyed a peek into the life of a princess!

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