Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fun Weekend

We had a great day together on Saturday.  Brandie had a wedding shower to attend for a friend, so after dropping her off there I took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese.  Since I was by myself, that was quite the adventure.  The girls wanted to run in different directions and play all of the games.  They also had fun on the play land/slide they had there.  Two hours later Brandie was ready to be picked up, but the girls weren't ready to leave!  We had an appointment with Mickey Mouse though, so we left, picked Brandie up, and headed to Disney on Ice.  For the first half of the show they were attentive and entertained, but when the intermission came they became fidgety and bored, and didn't get back into it, so we left a bit early.  We will try again in a couple of years when their attention spans are a bit bigger, but overall we had a great day together as a family!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Family Photos

It was a pretty day outside this weekend, so we decided to go outside and take some family photos.  Hope you enjoy them!

Tank's 2nd Birthday

It was our nephew Francisco's 2nd birthday yesterday, so we had a little party for him.  "Tank", as we call him, enjoyed it a lot!  He got some trucks and clothes from his cousins, played with the balloons, and enjoyed his cake.  Abby even got in on the fun by helping him blow out the candle!