Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pheris Haunted House

Some of the crafts we did together to celebrate Halloween. I made some bows for Emma. Ray started the Haunted House. I did a portion, Emma pitched in with a few, and Nana finished it off with Poppa overseeing the entire process. We really enjoyed doing this and hope to do it each year. We found the supplies about two months ago.

Celebrating Halloween

These are some of the outfits Emma wore this week to celebrate Halloween. We had a ton of fun dressing up and doing things together. As she gets older each Holiday gets a bit more special and fun because she is more active and can participate in more activities.

Dress Up

October 24th we played dress up at home and played tea party. Emma loved wearing her crown. She is getting better with keeping her bows in her hair, but she kept the crown on longer than the bow.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Princess Needs A Nap

After playing really hard Emma followed me into our guest room where her Halloween outfit is located. She picked up her crown put it on and walked out of the room. After playing some more she decided to take a rest. Emma is now getting better at wearing her bows and headbands. This crown is attached to a headband and she looks so cute!

Mi luchador poco

Ray was going through Halloween decoration and found this mask that we bought in Mexico many years ago. He put it on and tried to sneak up on Emma, but all she could do was smile, laugh, and call out for her Dada. Then she put it on and walked around the house in it for a while. Our girl is not scared of the decorations, lights, costumes, or much else for that matter. She is outgoing, carefree, and can give us a heart attack in a moments notice with some of her stunts.

Morning Routine

Emma loves to go to school. Our routine is that we wake up Ray get ready then goes and wake Emma and gets her ready as I finish getting ready myself. This gives them some one-on-one time since Ray does not get to spend as much time with her as I do because of his work schedule. Emma has now gotten into the habit of eating on the chase instead of in her highchair. She really wants to eat like a big girl.

Emma now enjoys wearing shoes! For many months she would pull off her shoes and use them as toys, chews on them, or flying missiles. Now she likes them and wants them on because she knows she gets to go "Out" when she wears them.

Emma is really into going outside, playing with Reggie, and taking baths! We believe she gets messy on purpose while eating in hopes of getting more baths during the day. She loves the water and it sometimes difficult to get her out of the bath.

Mommy's Little Helper

Emma is eager to help when I am cleaning, she thinks it so much fun : ) I hope that this mentality sticks with her so she will always enjoy helping me around the house.

A Beauty in Brown

October 9th Getting ready to meet our friend for brunch at Maddens! Emma was adored by others while waiting for Laura. We had a wonderful time and hope to do it again sometime soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Sense a Trend Here...

October Birthdays

1 Kaleb Burnham - nephew
5 Joe Corrao - cousin
9 Dalton Aweida - cousin
15 Karen Chesser - aunt
20 Janet Lopez - friend
26 Charmaine Walden - sister

We wish you wonderful tidings on your special day. Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with health and happiness throughout your year.