Thursday, March 31, 2011

Emma 20 Month Update

This is Emma on Monday, looking so adorable for her 1st ever school pictures. But after the talk I had with the day care director I do not know if we will get any cute pictures from the photographers because she would not sit still.

These are some new outfits that we picked up on Monday and they are a 4t! She is growing so fast it amazes us. She is still in the 95th percentile for height and weight. We knew from the start that she would be a tall girl and she is proving it with each growth spurt. Emma is also currently wearing a size 6 toddler shoe and that will most likely be a 7 by the time she turns 2 this July.

This is Emma this morning getting ready for school! She woke in a super good mood and played before getting dressed this morning. As we were going through our morning routine she would tell me "to school" and was eager to go.

Emma has gotten better about having a ponytail in her hair and just this last week we started adding her bows and she is leaving them alone as far as we know. She even has me put a pony tail in her hair on the weekends and she is starting to pick out her own bows to wear. We are excited about this because it will help us keep her hair out of her face.

For all of those wondering... no she has not had a hair cut and will not have one anytime soon! Her hair is starting to curl and it makes it look a little shorter, but when it is wet it hangs down her neck and past her shoulders a little.

Happy 34th Birthday My Love

This picture represents one of the happiest days of your life and I hope you're that happy today.

To the man who has done more for me than himself,
To the man who sacrifices for his family,
To the man who gives all and then even more,
To the man who has become a wonderful father,
To the man who has been my best friend since I was 12 years old,
To the man God has blessed me with as a soul mate and partner in life

I love you and wish you all the happiness in the world on this special day and every day of your life!


Your Wife

Saturday, March 26, 2011

32 Weeks Pregnant with Abigail

The countdown has begun and we are getting more excited as our due date draws closer. We have been busy this past with dealing with Emma being sick that this milestone got here with almost no post!

Abigail is still moving and stretching in four hour intervals. She really enjoys being able to have more freedom of movement when I am in the pool or in the bath. Abby pushes back when something touches or presses on my stomach, already her and Emma are communicating by touch and sound. Emma still enjoys listening to Abigail's heartbeat here at the house with Ray.

Abigail is still measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, so that means she would actually measure 34 weeks today. We knew as of February that she was in the 70% for her growth and we are expecting another nice sized baby girl. We expect her weight to be somewhere around 8lbs and her length to be around 20 inches. The due date is still the same as of now and we do not expect it to change unless she takes a bigger leap in growth or the doctors have concerns and see the need to change the date.

My number one food craving has been Butterfinger candy bars!! I can not seem to get enough of them and I want anything that has to do with them. For all that know me, you realize that this candy bar was never my go to choice and I have even been eating more peanut butter, peanuts, and if I think it will taste like a Butterfinger then of course I will try it. I will be so happy when this craving passes.

Praying for a steady, healthy, and uneventful countdown as we approach Abigial's birthday and looking forward to gathering one last time with family and friends to help create a welcoming environment for her arrival.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Emma's Aggie Spirit

First, I want to say that Emma has been expanding her verbal skill in leaps and bounds since we moved her to the new day care. Over Spring Break her Godmother Cesily gave her this new gift, and it helps her understand the sounds letters make! (Thank You!!)

Emma loves her Aggies! She looks so adorable in her gear that we could not resist taking some pictures. She is now saying Aggies, Whoop, Gig'em, and of course Dada is introducing other key phrases, songs, and hand gestures as well. Emma is going to be such a great big sister and role model for Abby; she will be able to help teach her all about the Aggie Spirit.

31 Weeks Pregnant with Abigail

As you can tell we are in get ready mode for the arrival of our newest little girl. Ray made the above onesie with our Viking sewing machine at the house. He has also made her a burp cloth, and we will be working on some other items as well.

These pictures are of the memory book that I have designed and started to put together for Abigail so that she can look back at all the special things we did to help welcome her into our family.

At 31 weeks I am still measuring two weeks ahead of schedule. Abigail moves all of the time and at this point she is getting so big and running out of room that some of her movements can cause a bit of discomfort. Sleep is not going so well, Abby woke up at 3 am and stayed awake and moving for about 2 hours, then was up again at 7 am along with her big sister Emma. Ray and I have been working on things around the house, which others are referring to as nesting, but we are getting things done. We look forward to our next checkup on Ray's birthday so look for an update on Abigail around the end of the month or the start of April.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break 2011 Days 4 and 5

Thankfully I was able to spend quality time with family and really great friends during my spring break! These are a couple of shots that show how much fun we had hanging around our houses. We hope everyone was able to spend quality time with their loved ones as we have been able to do this week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant with Abigail

We saw this cross and it reminded us of Abigail so we picked it up and it hangs above her closet. She already has a cross that hangs above the door to her bedroom and a cross that hangs next to her bed. Ray has been off this Spring Break, so he has been working really hard getting things ready for when we get to bring her home.

One of the many things that Ray worked on was getting her closet organized and her clothing sorted and hung for us to select. Abigail's diaper bag is also packed and prepared for our big day when we get to welcome her into this world.

Ray even used his super skills with duct tape to fix the hanging bar in her closet since we figured out we were missing a piece and searched the entire area for it to no avail.

Ray hung all of the items you see, including the curtains at the window. I can honestly say my husband takes pride in the fact that he is having another little girl and wants every aspect of her room to be just right.

We have her changing table ready with diapers and wipes, along with her lamp, and Ray took about an hour organizing all of the cabinets and items underneath for easy access.

Abigail's crib is all put together, her laundry basket is ready to catch her dirty bibs, and her name is shining above to announce to all who it is that rests her head below.

Abigail's accents in her room are angels, butterflies, and lambs. If you notice on the cross above it has both butterflies and lambs on it. Also, as you look at this picture you can see that Ray has already hung her growth chart, getting ready to mark her length for birth when we bring her home.

We went to the doctor today and had our checkup and everything is going great! She is growing, her heartbeat is strong, and my belly measurement was 32 weeks. We are still measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Dr. Gayle did say that the reason I measured a bit bigger, 33 weeks at my previous appointment, was due to water retention, which I have been noticing with swelling in my hands. He also mentioned that as long as we stayed 2 weeks ahead we were good, but any bigger and he would order another ultrasound. Our next appointment is on Ray's birthday, and that is one sweet gift for him!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break 2011 Day 3

Above is Emma playing with her new water toy that we picked up for her today along with the large red ball in the back. It is amazing all the fun and exercise that you can get at your own home! We are loving our outside time with Emma.

This princess bouncer with all of the colorful balls is a gift that she received for Christmas and is just now getting to play with. Emma really enjoyed it. She picked them up and tossed them out, went around the yard to gather them and put them back in it. There are multiple sides to climb in and out of, as well as to fit the balls through holes to increase her hand/eye coordination.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011 Day 2

Ray has worked really hard the last two days doing all of the gardening and getting things ready for Spring and Summer. We were able to put out Emma's princess pool, basketball hoop, car, and some other toys for her to enjoy in the backyard. As you can tell she has really been enjoying her time outside in this lovely weather.