Sunday, March 20, 2011

31 Weeks Pregnant with Abigail

As you can tell we are in get ready mode for the arrival of our newest little girl. Ray made the above onesie with our Viking sewing machine at the house. He has also made her a burp cloth, and we will be working on some other items as well.

These pictures are of the memory book that I have designed and started to put together for Abigail so that she can look back at all the special things we did to help welcome her into our family.

At 31 weeks I am still measuring two weeks ahead of schedule. Abigail moves all of the time and at this point she is getting so big and running out of room that some of her movements can cause a bit of discomfort. Sleep is not going so well, Abby woke up at 3 am and stayed awake and moving for about 2 hours, then was up again at 7 am along with her big sister Emma. Ray and I have been working on things around the house, which others are referring to as nesting, but we are getting things done. We look forward to our next checkup on Ray's birthday so look for an update on Abigail around the end of the month or the start of April.

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