Saturday, March 12, 2011

Abigail's Family Baby Shower

Ray and I standing by the delicious cake that was decorated so perfectly to match the theme of the shower. By the way, Ray picked the theme to help welcome his new little girl into the world.

This is Emma enjoying a really yummy cookie that her cousin Angie had decorated just for Abby's shower. As you can tell, this was towards the end of the shower, Emma is now in her 2nd outfit and is getting really sleepy due to the lack of a real nap today.

Ray and I opening the sweet and thoughtful gifts from our family. Of course, Emma was a great helper. Emma also received some special gifts from her Nana, Poppa, and Aunt Trish.

Poppa, Nana, and Emma really enjoyed the festivities, as you can see!

The wonderful hostesses of today's shower! On the left is our cousin Angie, who looks so fabulous for having a baby 7 months ago, and Ty is one handsome little boy! On the right is cousin Brandie, who is also the sister to Angie and Godmother to Abigail. We want to give these two wonderful ladies a heartfelt thank you for hosting the event and helping us welcome Abigail into our family. Abby has two wonderful role models in these two women and I am honored to call them family.

Our close up of the super delicious cake! Cousin Brandie has outdone herself again with the design, flavors, and creation of such a wonderful cake.

Sitting and relaxing after driving for a bit over two hours with traffic, and I now know I would avoid I-45 if at all possible because it is horrible to drive no matter what time of the day. We were so happy to finally get here and be able to see our family.

These are the super adorable cookies that Cousin Angie had made for today's shower. They matched the theme perfectly and they tasted even better than they looked!

Isn't this beautiful! I was given this to wear during the shower and it smelled wonderful. I loved the femininity, colors, and design. I wish it would last forever the way it looks so I could keep it as a keepsake for Abigail.

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