Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pheris Family Update

Ray woke with a severe headache at 4:45 am and still had it at 6:00 am. He went to the doctor at 8:50 am to be diagnosed with his first migraine headache. With some medication and rest he is recovering from it, but still hurting a bit as I type this update.

Emma has been sleeping poorly, stumbling a bit, and has had an increase in appetite. So with all of this going on and wanting to be preventative we took her in for a checkup today. Emma weighed in at 32.6 lbs and was 34 1/2 inches tall, she is still following her natural growth curve and is still bigger than the average kids her age. We were told that she is 100% healthy and that what we are noticing are two things, one is a growth spurt, the second is that she is also at the stage where she will be getting in her molars over the next couple of months. So all the clumsy behavior is not that she is like her Momma, but that she is growing and trying to adapt to the changes.

Abigail had her checkup today and we were a bit surprised with her jump in growth. I am officially 29 weeks and 3 days, yet she measured in at 33 weeks with the belly measurement today. Her heartbeat is still healthy and strong. She continues to move, stretch, and practice her breathing. Due to her growth, size, and having such a big Daddy, we will have more measurements taken at our next two week appointments and schedule another ultrasound to determine how big she will be. As of now we are still sticking with the same delivery date until we see her measurements by ultrasound.

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