Saturday, March 26, 2011

32 Weeks Pregnant with Abigail

The countdown has begun and we are getting more excited as our due date draws closer. We have been busy this past with dealing with Emma being sick that this milestone got here with almost no post!

Abigail is still moving and stretching in four hour intervals. She really enjoys being able to have more freedom of movement when I am in the pool or in the bath. Abby pushes back when something touches or presses on my stomach, already her and Emma are communicating by touch and sound. Emma still enjoys listening to Abigail's heartbeat here at the house with Ray.

Abigail is still measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, so that means she would actually measure 34 weeks today. We knew as of February that she was in the 70% for her growth and we are expecting another nice sized baby girl. We expect her weight to be somewhere around 8lbs and her length to be around 20 inches. The due date is still the same as of now and we do not expect it to change unless she takes a bigger leap in growth or the doctors have concerns and see the need to change the date.

My number one food craving has been Butterfinger candy bars!! I can not seem to get enough of them and I want anything that has to do with them. For all that know me, you realize that this candy bar was never my go to choice and I have even been eating more peanut butter, peanuts, and if I think it will taste like a Butterfinger then of course I will try it. I will be so happy when this craving passes.

Praying for a steady, healthy, and uneventful countdown as we approach Abigial's birthday and looking forward to gathering one last time with family and friends to help create a welcoming environment for her arrival.

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