Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cough... Sigh... Cough... Headache

Well... with all the crazy fun of Ray starting his new job, the girls starting their new school, me starting my new job, and us living with Nana and Poppa everyone is getting sick. Ray started it off in late January with an upper respiratory infection from unloading my school stuff in the rain at my new job. Two weeks ago Abigail started with what we thought was allergies that turned into the beginning of an ear infection. About a week ago Nana came down with pneumonia, then last Saturday Ray was once again diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, Monday was Emma's turn to be diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Then Monday night I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. So... that being said we are still trying to get over our separate aliments while dealing with potty training, teething (Abigail is cutting two more top teeth for a total of 10), and the crazy every day chores, errands, and tasks it takes to keep a household running.

Prayers would greatly be appreciated for healing and to keep us well.

Pheris Family Update

Ray got a new job in November 2011 and we put our house up for sale in Bryan. Ray is really happy with his new job and is loving the fact that he gets to spend more time with his parents. This job is the Communications Coordinator for the City of Baytown and it has taken us back to what we both consider our hometown. The town were we met as a 12 year old and 16 year old and have been together every day since. Ray has been staying at his parent house in Baytown during this time.

I stayed in the B/CS area to finish my job out for the semester at JLMS. The girls stayed with me and stayed in day care and had as much consistency as we could manage while their Dada was in Baytown.We got to see Ray on the weekends and they talked to him on Skype every night. But as you could imagine the girls did have a hard time without having their Dada around. So we decided that when my work at JLMS ended the girls and I would come down and stay for a week at a time until I got a job or the house sold. 

Well my time came to an end at JLMS on December 16th. During the entire time the girls and I were in Bryan and Ray in Baytown we would spend week nights look for jobs for me and weekends together packing up stuff in the house. I got to enjoy a nice off period with the girls for over a month before God set his plans into action for me. It was at the end of January that I had an interview for a 6th grade Reading/Social Studies position in Pasadena. This campus just happens to be in the old neighborhood were Ray's great grandfather and great aunt used to live - a bit of fate playing a hand in this I believe. I interviewed on a Monday, was offered the job on a Wednesday and accepted the position. I had to be at their HR department on Friday and I started my job the following Monday. Things are falling into place, the girls and I are now in Baytown with Ray and his parents full time with my new job. Our house is still up for sale in Bryan - praying God assists us with a quick sell.

The girls have started their new school and seem to love it. Emma is potty training at full speed and loves wearing her big girl princess panties. Both girls are loving all the time and attention they are getting from their Nana and Poppa while living with them here in Baytown as we wait for the sale of our house. Both of our beautiful girls are starting to slim down some. We came to realization that Abigail at 9 months is already as big as Emma was when Emma was only 1 year old. Abigail is crawling, pulling herself up, and is starting to take steps.

Our new jobs have also brought us closer to all of our family. Ray's parents live in Baytown and my mom lives in Beaumont. So all the surrounding areas of Houston, Clear Lake, Pasadena, Deer Park, La Port, etc... are also filled with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Siblings, and Grand Parents. We look forward to spending more time with all of our loved ones and creating those precious memories for our girls as the years go by.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Abby Crawling

This is a video of Abby crawling at her 9 month photo shoot!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Louisiana 2/18-2/19

Well we took a trip to Louisiana so my childhood friend and best friend since I was 11 could meet my little girl Abigail Grace. Janet and her children Jude and Casey met Emma when she was 8 months old, now that got to meet Abigail when she is 9 months old. We had a quick fun filled trip and can't wait to go back soon!

Happy Birthday Zeth 2/25

My nephew turned 8 today. Time is moving so quickly. We were able to go by for a little while and help him celebrate his special day. We wish you a wonderful year filled with adventure, new knowledge, new friends, love, laughter, and memories that little boys look back on as grown men and smile fondly over.

Happy Birthday Shanna 2/14

My niece turned 16 and we were able to have some time with her to celebrate her special day before heading to Louisiana. Wishing you a wonderful year filled with love, laughter, family, friends, and memories made that will last a lifetime.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We spent the evening with the girls and had a nice, quiet Valentine's dinner.  Mexican food was on the menu, and it was delicious!  I was given Girl  Scout cookies and Reese's Hearts from Brandie, and she received some assorted chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, and a bouquet of roses at school from the girls.  The girls had a Valentine's party at day care.  Abby was tired and slept right through it, but as you can see below, Emma had a blast!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Abigail Grace 9 Months Old

Abigail Grace turned 9 months old today!  She is now 23 lb. 11 oz. (98th percentile) and 30 inches tall (98th percentile).  Amongst other highlights over the past month, she has been eating more and  more solid food, she is starting to say more words (although Dada is still her favorite), and she is starting to crawl!  She can move herself from her stomach to a sitting position by herself and is already trying to pull herself to a standing position.  Before we know it we will have two little ones running around everywhere!

Abby and Nana spending some quality time

Abby giving Daddy a big smile!

Abby enjoying her snacks
Abby after her first Kit Kat

Pheris Family Update

It has been a hectic two weeks!  Brandie and the girls came to Baytown and stayed a week with me, which was awesome to be able to be a family unit for more than two days in a row.  They were scheduled to go back to Bryan on January 28th, but Brandie got a job interview for that Monday, so they stayed through the weekend.  Brandie did well on the interview, but they said they would make a decision in a couple of weeks, so they went back to Bryan.  Two days later they called and offered her the job, which she accepted!  She is now teaching social studies and language arts/reading in Pasadena ISD.

Of course, this meant we had to expedite the moving process.  After days of sorting and rearranging things, we have squeezed our clothes, toys, diapers, food, etc into every available nook and cranny in my parents house.  We will be here until either the house sales or we find somewhere affordable where we can afford both the mortgage and rent, whichever comes first.  If you know of someone who wants an AWESOME home in Bryan, send them our way!

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