Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cough... Sigh... Cough... Headache

Well... with all the crazy fun of Ray starting his new job, the girls starting their new school, me starting my new job, and us living with Nana and Poppa everyone is getting sick. Ray started it off in late January with an upper respiratory infection from unloading my school stuff in the rain at my new job. Two weeks ago Abigail started with what we thought was allergies that turned into the beginning of an ear infection. About a week ago Nana came down with pneumonia, then last Saturday Ray was once again diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, Monday was Emma's turn to be diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Then Monday night I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. So... that being said we are still trying to get over our separate aliments while dealing with potty training, teething (Abigail is cutting two more top teeth for a total of 10), and the crazy every day chores, errands, and tasks it takes to keep a household running.

Prayers would greatly be appreciated for healing and to keep us well.

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