Tuesday, June 30, 2009

37 Weeks and Counting...

We went for our weekly visit today and the doctor said all looked well. I am still measuring ahead of schedule, but that was to be expected. Our next visit will be next week, we are scheduled for an ultrasound to get her measurements and to see how big she really is. Keep checking back for the latest update on our ever growing baby girl.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Emma Update

We went in for our weekly checkup on Thursday. Dr. Benson said everything looked great and that we would get another ultrasound in 2 weeks to determine her size and whether or not we should expect her to come a little early. I expect her to arrive in around 3 weeks!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

We want Dad Pheris to know how much we appreciate him and thank him for helping us to become the adults we have grown to be. He has been a constant source of guidance, love, and support in our lives and we are lucky to have such a wonderful Dad!

Happy Fathers Day

I would like to wish my husband a Happy Father's Day. Even during the planning stage of starting our family Ray took to fatherhood with extreme ease. He started researching products, reading up on baby literature, and looked into college funds. Now over the past 35 weeks he has shown such passion for his child that I am in awe of the man he has become since knowing of Emma's existence.

Ray is always there for me and his child, he never misses an appointment, and has been involved in all areas of this pregnancy, from making decisions about the nursery decor, researching safety ratings for her car seat, to being selective about what she will wear.

Some say that fatherhood, like motherhood, does not begin until the birth of your child, I disagree. Since before conception we have been planning and saving for our child. While pregnant over these past 35 weeks we have had to make decisions for our child to guarantee as much as possible that she has a safe, healthy, and happy life that only her parents can give her. Ray has seen to every detail of our health and happiness with the utmost care.

So to my husband, you are and will continue to be one of the greatest fathers of all time. I look forward to growing with you in our roles as parents to help guide, love, and nurture our daughter.



Saturday, June 20, 2009

35 Weeks

Ray and I are excited to say that all went well with our checkup Friday! I am currently 35 weeks, but measuring 38 1/2 weeks due to our daughter's long legs. We now start our weekly visits and become more eager and excited for the day when she arrives. We have been truly blessed with this pregnancy in every way. We hope and pray that our delivery goes as smoothly as our pregnancy has.

While we were out and about on Friday running errands and going to the doctor we found a new store and decided to walk in and check it out. While we were browsing we came across this beautiful bib. We just had to have it, although I am sure Ray will say it was all me : ) We are starting to realize that Emma has more clothing than we do, and if we are not careful we will be having to switch her nursery for our master bedroom.

Thank you to all of our friends and family that have been so sweet and supportive during this joyful time in our lives. Make sure to stay tuned each week for the latest details, and we welcome your comments or calls.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Beulah

Ray and I want to wish our niece Beulah a blessed filled birthday. May you have a day full of fun, family, and tasty treats! We wish we could be with you, but we are getting ready for your cousin Emma.

All our love,

Uncle Ray and Aunt Brandie

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday

Ray and I would like to wish our nephew Blake a very happy and special birthday. We hope your day is filled with fun, family, friends, and all the sweets you could ever wish to eat.

Like Father, Like Son

My nephew Kaleb is the identical image of his father, my brother Shannon. Kaleb is seen, and rightfully so, as a clone of his father. When I look at this adorable boy I see my brother.

Well, for those of you who know my brother, you know that he grew up liking extreme sports. Shannon was into X-Games stuff like biking, skateboarding, gymnastics, boating, and the list can go on and on. Shannon grew up with no sense of fear and would always try anything once and if he liked it and it gave him a rush he would do it multiple times.

As you can see in the picture above Kaleb has a cast on both arms. Kaleb like his father has no sense of fear. With this past week's activities he got to stay at his Memaw's house, and when his parents came to pick him up he went to the backyard and played as the adults were talking and decided to create his own extreme sport of "leap frog off of fences." Needless to say, the outcome was not to the adults liking nor were they aware he decided to do something so scary. When he fell, I'm told he took like a little man, didn't make a big deal or fuss just walked over to the adults to let them know he was hurt.

They rushed him to the doctor and he had some x-rays taken and the doctor's informed them that he has hairline fractures in the large bones in both of his arms. Now he will be wearing his casts for the next 6 to 8 weeks, with a few more doctors appointments in between. I'm hoping this will help to curtail his sense of adventure, but I doubt it will.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Lil Sis

Ray and I would like to wish a very special birthday to my little sister Lulu. May you have great fun with your children as you celebrate your 27th birthday! Have an extra sweet treat for me : )
Wish we could be with you to help you celebrate, have fun!!


What this word means to me...


These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday

Ray and I would like to wish a special little girl a wonderful birthday today. Maddison, we hope your day is filled with family, friends, fun, and games. Have a little extra of everything and enjoy yourself!

Friday, June 5, 2009

33 Weeks and Counting...

We had a checkup today with our doctor, and all is well. I have had a really wonderful and healthy pregnancy, even our doctor has commented on how great everything has been going.

At our last visit we mentioned that we measured 3 weeks ahead of schedule, well with this visit I am 33 weeks, but measuring 37 weeks, which puts us ahead by 4 weeks. We were told today that Emma is at least 5 pounds and that she is half a pound ahead of where typical babies would be during this time in development. We are now going to the doctor on a more regular basis for constant checkups on our ever growing girl.

I have told Ray from the start that I did not think I would make it all the way to 40 weeks, not that I don't want to, but there is a history of early babies in my family. With Ray and Papaw Housley being really tall men, we are not surprised by Emma's growth spurts, I am secure in the feeling that we will be having a very healthy, beautiful, but really tall daughter from the start!

Ray is really excited about seeing his little girl for the first time, but is having talks with her and telling her she has to go for at least 6 more weeks before she can come out and play. I can't help but love him even more for being so wrapped up in his daughter's development, and I know that I will have even more wonderful times with him as a father once his baby girl gets here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miss Piggy

Ray and I went to a place called "U Paint It." It was a part of our baby gift for Emma from one of our friends Stephanie. Out of all the wonderful selections they had for us to choose from, we picked Miss Piggy! Ray and I washed it, picked out the colors, and had a blast painting it together. This will be Emma's introduction to the world of economics and savings. We are sure that Nana and Poppa will be generous contributors to Miss Piggy!

Happy Birthday Mamaw

Ray and I would like to send our love, thoughts, and happiness to a very special lady all the way in Mississippi. Happy Birthday Mamaw! I hope you had one of the best days of your life and that this next year is full of love, happiness, friends, and family. xoxoxoxo