Friday, June 5, 2009

33 Weeks and Counting...

We had a checkup today with our doctor, and all is well. I have had a really wonderful and healthy pregnancy, even our doctor has commented on how great everything has been going.

At our last visit we mentioned that we measured 3 weeks ahead of schedule, well with this visit I am 33 weeks, but measuring 37 weeks, which puts us ahead by 4 weeks. We were told today that Emma is at least 5 pounds and that she is half a pound ahead of where typical babies would be during this time in development. We are now going to the doctor on a more regular basis for constant checkups on our ever growing girl.

I have told Ray from the start that I did not think I would make it all the way to 40 weeks, not that I don't want to, but there is a history of early babies in my family. With Ray and Papaw Housley being really tall men, we are not surprised by Emma's growth spurts, I am secure in the feeling that we will be having a very healthy, beautiful, but really tall daughter from the start!

Ray is really excited about seeing his little girl for the first time, but is having talks with her and telling her she has to go for at least 6 more weeks before she can come out and play. I can't help but love him even more for being so wrapped up in his daughter's development, and I know that I will have even more wonderful times with him as a father once his baby girl gets here.

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