Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Texas Renaissance Festival

We took the girls out to Ren Fest last weekend.  The first thing we did was get drawn into a jewelry store, where the girls found tiaras they loved.  Of course, they got them, and wore them around with their princess dresses all day.  We then walked around, looking at all of the sites, doing pony rides, eating festival foods, and enjoying the beautiful weather.  It was a wonderful way to spend time with the girls!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Fest

We went to Barbers Hill's Fall Fest today at the school.  The girls got to play a lot of different games and won lots of prizes.  We also got to walk around and see the fire trucks from Barbers Hill and Cove.  Afterwards, we went to a nearby church's pumpkin patch to choose pumpkins for carving.  It was a great way to spend the morning!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Camping with Poppa

The girls went to spend the night with Poppa and they were surprised to find a tent inside the house with sleeping bags for them.  The weather wasn't too good outside, so Poppa gave them a campout in the living room!  The girls loved the tent and their sleeping bags, and had a great weekend with Poppa and Great Aunt Dana!

Emma's Book Fair

Today was Dad's Lunch Day at Emma's school, so I got to go and visit with her while she ate her lunch.  It also happened to be Book Fair day!  We enjoyed our lunch together, and then made our way to the library, where there were tons of choices to choose from.  Emma ultimately ended up getting 8 books for herself, and selected two for Abby as well.  She also bought a voucher for her class to buy a new classroom book.  She had a blast looking at all of the options and choosing the ones that sparked her interest!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Big Hair Rock Bands

Ray wanted to see Mötley Crüe, so I was that great wife who said sure honey! Well I learned that I am not into Alice Cooper, I am not into Mötley Crüe, but I am into my husband and will do whatever I can to make him happy and give him what he wants. Ray works so hard to provide for us and he is such a wonderful hands-on father to our two precious girls that he deserves to be able to have experiences like these. I am happy to say that by the time the concert was over that I did recognize at least one song from Alice Cooper and one song from Mötley Crüe. I am excited to say that Ray had a good time and was able to enjoy himself while I read a book off and on during the concert.  In future I am more than willing to buy the tickets for him to see these bands, but maybe I will find him a date that can enhance his experience for the evening. : )

Two Tiny Dancers

Both girls are now in dance, this is Abby's first time in dance and she loves it. Emma's class is a full hour and Abby's class is 45 minutes long. Emma is in a ballet and tape class, while Abby is in a ballet and tumble class. Abby is so eager to go every Monday and is really upset when she has to miss a class. Emma is looking forward to the performances on the stage already... our natural performer. We are loving the fact that both girls have dance on the same day that starts at the same time at the same location. This has not been an easy thing to find in this area, where both both of our girls can be in an activity on the same day and same time. We look forward to all the memories to come from this experience with our girls.

(pictures to come)

Natural Bridges Wildlife Ranch

While in the Austin area we took the girls to see the animals at the Natural Bridges Wildlife Ranch. We had a really great time with them feeding the animals as we drove through the ranch. We had not had the pleasure of being here in about two years, and it was just as fun as we remembered it. They did an extension and we were able to enjoy the ranch in lovely weather. The girls also feed the goats and were able to pet them and enjoy the experience instead of being knocked down and stepping in nasty stuff. Of course we ended the trip at the ranch with some shopping and the girls walked away with bracelets.

ACL - Emma and Abby's First Concert

The girls attend their first concert and had a blast! We took them with us to ACL and we are happy to say they loved it! Our girls got their were allowed to color their hair for the first time. Emma of course got purple and Emma got pink, they also did a little shopping and got some flower hair bands and of course the flowers for Emma's were purple and Abby's were pink. The girls ran around, danced, played, and laid back and enjoyed the music. While staying at the hotel the girls got to go swimming twice and enjoyed the hot tub twice - with the hot tub experience being a first for them. Both girls got to ride a big bus together for the first time, Emma get the experience of the big yellow bus for school, so Abby really enjoyed her experience riding a bus for the first time.Both girls also got to DJ for the first time and they really enjoyed it. We were able to video them doing it and the guys running the booth emailed Ray the song.

Ray and I really enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves and share in the experience of them getting to see and hear Pearl Jam for the first time. The girls we the delight of many individuals who walked by and said hi to them, waved to them, and mentioned to us how cute they were.

We look forward to future experiences with our girls.