Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Us with Emma after going Trick or Treating on our street. We were so excited to celebrate this day with her. We decorated the inside and outside of the house, dressed her up every day this week, and put a pumpkin nightlight in her room!

Ray carrying Emma at the end of us trick or treating. We loved her bag that Nana gave her to use for the occasion, too bad we don't have it anymore, it disappeared off the front porch when we brought her inside.

Emma's first house and selecting her first piece of candy, she went for a chocolate Milky Way.

Me and Emma getting ready to set out to go trick or treating! I love this picture of us!

Nana, Poppa, Emma, and me getting ready to go and take family pictures. My face is so red from trying to run around to gather what we needed for our girl's outfit changes, she had 3 in all.

Happy Halloween 2009

Well this week has come to an end. Each day Emma wore a different outfit to day care to celebrate Halloween. The outfits ended on Friday with her party. We had a blast dressing her up and taking pictures. We now have many wonderful memories and snap shots to share with her in the future.

Emma was a pumpkin for Halloween this year. They loved her outfit at day care. She did not care to wear the hat that came with it.

Friday, marked Emma's first Halloween party! I was so sad : ( that I could not attend the party due to work, but Daddy made it and took pictures.

At this point she is signaling to us she needs a bottle break : )

Thursday Emma went to day care in this little number, and for all of those who know us as the big Aggie fans we are, this is the most orange you will ever see her in at one given time.

Emma is all smiles as we play "model" and take as many pictures as she will allow before taking her to day care.

The back of this outfit was extremely adorable! She got many comments from people with this outfit.

Thursday, Emma went to day care in her "Baby's 1st Halloween" outfit that we bought for her in October 2008, when we first found out we were pregnant.

Emma, Tuesday going to day care in a sweet onesie and overall dress. Daddy could not get her to smile.

Emma on Monday going to day care as a Kitty Cat!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Emma at Play

Here is some footage we took of Emma with our video camera. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mommy's New Hobby

Go Aggies! This is a bow that Emma will enjoy wearing as she cheers on the Aggies with her Daddy when they watch the game together. She loves football : )

She now has a bow for football and basketball, later I hope to find some baseball ribbon, and maybe some professional team ribbon for Daddy's teams.

We had to get ready for Halloween, so I decided she just was not festive enough in an outfit and that she needed to have some matching bows to go along with them for this week. We celebrated Halloween all week long!

So.... needles to say I love for Emma to wear headbands and bows. I always tell her Mommy has to work to keep her in "ribbons and bows," but it sure can put a dent in my pocket. I decided to learn how to make them and save some money.

I have two friends at work, Kim and Pam, who showed me how to make them. Kim actually made four of them and I made three. I hope to make some more over the next couple of days. I can now spend 5 dollars for supplies and make 3 bows for the price of one! : )

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hope Chest

Emma's big gift for Christmas this year is her beautiful cedar hope chest. This is something that my mother's family has done in the past, and something that I will do with Emma. Ray and I went to an Amish furniture store in Bryan and looked at six different types, and this is the one that we picked for Emma. The first item that will be placed in it is her baptism outfits next week after her baptism on the 1st.

Teething in Style

Emma has acid reflux and on top of that she has started to teeth earlier than we expected. After talking to Nana, we were informed that Ray cut his first tooth at 2 months! I bought the ribbon for these, and a good friend of ours made the burp cloths for us.

Now she has one to go with her Halloween outfit, one for football season, one for basketball season, and two other others that she can sport at any A&M function that we attend this year.

Thank you Mildred for making these beautiful and stylish burp cloths for Emma!

Our Sweet Pea

Emma wearing her Sweet Pea outfit for the first time.

We were excited when we found the outfit, because it went with the theme of her baby shower, and the shower's theme came from me calling Ray sweet pea when we started dating.

This will be one of the outfits that we put in her hope chest for her to use with her own child one day.

Daddy's Girl

Emma loves to sit up now. She would rather sit up in her Daddy's lap than play in her swing. She has also started to enjoy walking around on her Daddy's shoulder. She was a bit fussy last night, and Ray and I both believe we heard her say Dada very clearly.

Sweet Dreamer

Emma loves taking a bath. She could stay in the tub all day if Mommy and Daddy would let her. Saturday after playing, eating lunch, and bathing she fell asleep during her bath.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Go Aggies


Our Emma is starting to turn now and she really does prefer to sleep on her side. Even in her swing she would rather be on her side sleeping. She is even putting herself to sleep a couple of times a night, but still prefers her bedtime routine with Daddy.