Monday, October 5, 2009

36 Hours Away

This past weekend marked my 1st trip away from home without Emma and I survived! Ray and I left on Saturday at 1:00 to go and visit the Peeples in San Marcos before going to the ACL concert in Austin Sunday night.

Nana came into town to watch Emma so she would not have to travel with her little cough and congestion. We would loved to have taken her to see her Godmother, but with the constant rain and the late night getting back on Sunday we decided that giving her some one-on-one time with Nana was best.

While in San Marcos, we went to the outlet mall and picked up some very festive sleepwear for
Emma to wear during this holiday season. While we were there we also picked her up a bib for her upcoming baptism on November 1st, as well as a beautiful pink outfit to have some pictures taken in soon.

When we got home last night, our Precious Princess was fast asleep until Reggie started running around the house like a spaz and woke her up, so she had to go through her nighttime routine with her Daddy getting her ready for bed : )

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