Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mommy's New Hobby

Go Aggies! This is a bow that Emma will enjoy wearing as she cheers on the Aggies with her Daddy when they watch the game together. She loves football : )

She now has a bow for football and basketball, later I hope to find some baseball ribbon, and maybe some professional team ribbon for Daddy's teams.

We had to get ready for Halloween, so I decided she just was not festive enough in an outfit and that she needed to have some matching bows to go along with them for this week. We celebrated Halloween all week long!

So.... needles to say I love for Emma to wear headbands and bows. I always tell her Mommy has to work to keep her in "ribbons and bows," but it sure can put a dent in my pocket. I decided to learn how to make them and save some money.

I have two friends at work, Kim and Pam, who showed me how to make them. Kim actually made four of them and I made three. I hope to make some more over the next couple of days. I can now spend 5 dollars for supplies and make 3 bows for the price of one! : )

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