Sunday, October 11, 2009



As everyone already knows, my feet are really hurting and it is painful to walk. Well, just because I have this painful issue does not mean I get a break from being a mom and wife. This morning I decided to make breakfast, and I put the bacon in the oven and started on the French toast. As I was cooking, the french toast stuck to the skillet and the heat from the oven set off the fire alarms all throughout the house (they are super sensitive.) I ran to the back door (in pain,) and when I opened the door it ripped by big toenail back on my right foot : (. Now, not only are they painful to walk on, I now have a toenail that wants to pop off! I turned the oven off and Ray played doctor to help clean up all the blood and bandage it. During this time, the bacon continued to cook and was not good by the time we got my foot bandaged! So breakfast did not go as planned. But the great thing that came out of this is that Emma slept through it all : )

Due to our sweet pea growing so fast, we had to go through all of her clothing and sort it by size. Emma will be 3 months old on the 13th, but she has already been wearing 3 - 6 month clothing due to her length for a few weeks. We started to put her smaller clothing aside for her, a future sibling, and a garage sale this month. As we were sorting her clothing and I was putting things back into the closet I hit my left foot on the door frame of the closet, taking some skin off of the toes on my left foot! At the time Ray was sitting on the floor looking up at me trying not to laugh as I grabbed the door frame to keep from spewing all of the nasty words I would never want Emma to hear. Again, we are blessed that Emma had decided to take a nap as we did this.

At this point I was the one who was wishing for a nap and to wake up hoping that all the bumps, bruises, and pain in my feet would go away and it just have been a nightmare! But, hey, I have not really cleaned the house in a while and of course I want clean clothing to wear, so more chores had to get done. We swept, mopped, vacuumed, dusted, and did laundry. Through the rest of our chores we dropped stuff, bumped into each other, I bumped into more door frames, and of course we tripped over Reggie at least once.

Ray and I looked at each other in the middle of cleaning the kitchen and acknowledged that its just been one of those days. No matter how we tried to keep quiet we made noise, no matter how careful we were we got hurt somehow, but all of our troubles washed away in the vision of Emma as she smiled at us and we held and loved on her.

Thank goodness Ray was home with me this weekend! Ray has been a tremendous help.

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