Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Velveteen Rabbit

I accompanied Abby on a class field trip to Miller Outdoor Theater to see The Velveteen Rabbit produced as an opera.  She was entertained for most of the performance, though she began to get restless near the end.  Afterwards, we had a picnic on the lawn and then the kids got to run around and play for a while.  It was a great day and nice to get some one on one time with Abby!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Emma and Abby Summer Art

Both of the girls really like to draw, color, paint, and create stuff using their imaginations. These are just a couple of the things they made this summer. We love watching them create things and get a glimpse of a part of their personality. 

I Love You Always and Forever

Love of a lifetime is hard to find, it is a blessing from above and something to cherish. There are no adequate words to describe the depth of my feelings for the man above. To me he is my everything. I love him with every fiber of my being. I dedicate myself to nurturing the love between us, to strengthening the bond that God gave us and to keeping a happy home for us to bond and share that love with our girls.

To my husband, I love you and cherish all of you. I thank you for all that you are and all that you do. You are the best of everything in our lives and we are so blessed every day that you are with us.

Love, Your Wife

Emma's First School Project

Emma's first project of the 2015-2016 school year. She like her little sister had a project assignment for the first week of school. She was super excited to make it and little sister helped her pick out some of the stickers. Emma was excited to be able to use Nana's scrap booking supplies while making her poster that describes all thing things she likes. Emma shared her love of baking which she gets from her Nana. She dedicated a part of her poster to her love of the beach and princess. We decided to use super cute ballet decals Nana bought and gave it some extra bling (Nana approved) to showcase her love of dance. Last of all sher was super excited to pick out the Aggie stickers with her Dad! Mom was not allowed to help with the selecting of the Aggie stuff.... not like I went there to or anything LOL. My girls are such Daddy's GIRLS!!! He loves it. We must say we are super proud of the outcome and she looks super cute holding her poster. Emma will be presenting her poster in class as a way of for the students to get to know each other.

Emma is really enjoying the start of school and we are super excited that she is starting the year with some of the best teachers she could possibly have.

Abby's First School Project

Abby came home from the first day of school with a project assignment. She was to create a poster of things that she like and that described her. This project was due on August 31st, Nana's birthday. So to help celebrate Nana we used all of the scrap booking supplies she had that Poppa gave to the girls. As you can see tons of pink was used, this being Nana's signature color and Abby's favorite color. Of course we had to use as much bling as possible and show off how much she likes tiaras, princesses, playing outside, as well as her love for her Poppa and steak!

Abby is really enjoying school, riding on the bus, getting to be with Emma, and we are enjoying the fact that her and Emma are at the same place at the same time, she has more structure and is being prepared by some really wonderful teachers for what school is really like.