Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Picking Strawberries

Merry Christmas

Christmas at Poppa's

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve the girls get to open one gift.  Somehow, it always ends up being a nightgown they can wear the next morning!  We also allowed them to open a few stocking stuffers.  They then put out cookies for Santa and threw their magic reindeer food out in the yard before heading to bed to dream of sugarplums and the fun to be had in the morning.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Elf on the Shelf

We don't take pictures of our girls' elves every night, but nonetheless they do end up in different places every night.  We have 3 elves named Chippy, Holly, and Belle.  The girls have really gotten into them this year, and wake up excited every morning to find out where the elves have shown up.  Hearing their excitement each morning makes it a great experience!

Emma and Abby Christmas Parties

The girls both had their school Christmas parties on the same day,  Luckily for me, they were an hour apart, so I was able to attend them both.  Mommy had to teach her own class, of course, but we feel it is important to go to their parties, so I flexed my schedule out in order to make it there for them.  They gave their teachers a hot cocoa package and a gift card to Starbucks, which they all enjoyed.  Now it is time for them to enjoy their Christmas break!

Pajama Day

On the second to last day of school before Christmas Break, the girls got to wear their pajamas to school.  That morning they took this cute picture for us!

Santa's Wonderland

As per tradition, we took the girls to Santa's Wonderland to see the Christmas lights.  This year we upgraded a bit and did it via a horse drawn carriage.  It made the trip a bit more intimate, and of course the girls loved the horse!