Monday, December 21, 2015

Emma and Abby Christmas Parties

The girls both had their school Christmas parties on the same day,  Luckily for me, they were an hour apart, so I was able to attend them both.  Mommy had to teach her own class, of course, but we feel it is important to go to their parties, so I flexed my schedule out in order to make it there for them.  They gave their teachers a hot cocoa package and a gift card to Starbucks, which they all enjoyed.  Now it is time for them to enjoy their Christmas break!

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benilhalk said...

Truly Emma and Abby both are super cute. I just loved their Christmas party photos. Both of them are looking so happy, and I am sure they had enjoyed their Christmas break. Well, Next Christmas party I am going to organize at venues in Los Angeles. Have you any idea how should I decorate the venue?