Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom




Sharon R. Pheris

What a Wonderful Wife... She had a fairytale story that all women dream of. She was blessed to meet her Prince Charming at the age of 14, and at the age of 15 she married and began what she always told me the best part of her life. Mom loved deeply and was dedicated to Dad with every fiber of her being. She went above and beyond in all she did every day of her life to make sure that our Dad knew that he was not only loved, but cherished and appreciated for all that he did to provide for our family. For the past 21 years she was my role model of what a wife should be to her husband. I am thankful for that and I hope that I am the wife to her son that she was to Dad. 

She was the most magnificent Mom in the world to her to two sons Ray and Eric, but she was my mom too. I officially became a part of the Pheris family not the day I married Ray, but the day Ray asked me to be his girlfriend on August 8, 1993. Mom did it all... she held a full time, demanding job that she excelled it, but she did not let that distract her from being there for her children. She loved us and was fiercely protective of us. Mom gave us all of herself in every aspect to nurture us, support us, and guide us in our journeys. She would drop everything at a moments notice and be with us no matter where we were to help us with the most insignificant things and the major life events. She always told me the most important role she every had in life was being our mom. I hope and pray that I am the mom to my two little girls that she was to us growing up.

Nana... my girls have been blessed with having the greatest Nana in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Mom loved Precious Moments pieces, and when I started working at Wal Mart in 1998 we both discovered that they were selling a ton of stuff for babies... well it took one trip and she was hooked! She started buying up everything she could for her future grandbabies, and by the time we "finally" gave her Emma we had a total of eight, forty gallon containers full of baby stuff. Once Emma and Abby arrived she was over the moon in love with them. Her focus, energy, and every waking moment was thinking of her girls. As Eric can tell you as Mom told him... as she held Emma in her arms she could never remember loving us as much as she loved her princesses. She loved eating popcorn and watching shows in bed with the girls, she loved bath time with them so she could rub them down with lotion and cuddle them after dressing them, she loved baking with them, and she just LOVED them.

Mom was the most wonderful, energetic, larger than life woman that I have every known. She made a lasting impact in so many peoples' lives and will be greatly missed. She leaves a legacy behind in her children and grandchildren. She will always be in our hearts and never forgotten.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Little Miss Personality

First Day of School

The Night Before Kindergarten

 Emma had her eye exam on Tuesday 12th and it was determined that she needed to wear glasses. So of course they had to be purple because that is her favorite color. She has now been wearing her glasses for 10 days and has adapted to them very well. Now if we can only convince Abigail she does not need to wear sisters glasses!

Well we wen to meet the teacher last Tuesday and walked away with homework. So we sat down and got it done on Sunday so she could turn in her assignment five days early! She has been very excited to start school and we pray that she keeps this enthusiasm up all year long.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014