Thursday, March 31, 2011

Emma 20 Month Update

This is Emma on Monday, looking so adorable for her 1st ever school pictures. But after the talk I had with the day care director I do not know if we will get any cute pictures from the photographers because she would not sit still.

These are some new outfits that we picked up on Monday and they are a 4t! She is growing so fast it amazes us. She is still in the 95th percentile for height and weight. We knew from the start that she would be a tall girl and she is proving it with each growth spurt. Emma is also currently wearing a size 6 toddler shoe and that will most likely be a 7 by the time she turns 2 this July.

This is Emma this morning getting ready for school! She woke in a super good mood and played before getting dressed this morning. As we were going through our morning routine she would tell me "to school" and was eager to go.

Emma has gotten better about having a ponytail in her hair and just this last week we started adding her bows and she is leaving them alone as far as we know. She even has me put a pony tail in her hair on the weekends and she is starting to pick out her own bows to wear. We are excited about this because it will help us keep her hair out of her face.

For all of those wondering... no she has not had a hair cut and will not have one anytime soon! Her hair is starting to curl and it makes it look a little shorter, but when it is wet it hangs down her neck and past her shoulders a little.

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