Saturday, April 2, 2011

33 Weeks Pregnant with Abigail

I am so thankful that I can write this post and say that I am 33 weeks pregnant. We have experienced many different challenges with this pregnancy, but through it all our Abigail has proven to be resilient and God has shown his love by giving us this miracle and helping to keep her safe. We went to the doctor this week and Abigail is doing wonderful, it is me who is finding it a bit difficult to stay 100% healthy. But with our doctor's wonderful care, prayers, and the watchful eye of Ray all is going well.

We are thankful that we can still find the blessings in life, and that our love for our daughters and each other has grown as we walk the path God has laid before us over the last 33 weeks. We know that through God's grace and guidance that we will continue to walk his path and be able to overcome our challenges that we currently face and those yet to come.

So far my highlights for this pregnancy have been the bonding that has taken place between Ray, Emma, and myself. We take joy in celebrating our newest little girl, listening to her heartbeat, watching her move, and incorporating her into our celebrations whenever possible.

I love when Emma pats the belly and says baby or Abby! Emma is going to make a terrific big sister. She knows where her sister's room is and even helped to sort Abigail's clothing and put them away.

Ray has been a tremendous support through everything just like he was during Emma's pregnancy. He has attend every appointment, sees to my every need, and still manages to be a Super Dad to our daughter Emma. Ray has made sure to do some special things just for Abigail to make her feel special, like putting her room together, making custom clothing, bibs, etc... and by talking with her before going to bed at night.

We continue to hope and pray that we make it to our delivery date in May, but know and understand that God might have other plans. We will continue to keep everyone updated as the weeks go by and we see our doctor again next week.

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