Sunday, April 10, 2011

Emma Update

This adorable outfit was picked out by her Dada as all can tell by what the shirt says. Emma enjoying one of her favorite fruits, Banana!

Emma trying a boiled egg for the 1st time. She really enjoyed about half of it before she turned the other half to mush. We have found it hard to get her to eat meat lately, so we are trying other sources of protein.

Emma still celebrating the fact the her Lady Aggies are the National Champions!!

Relaxing with some t.v. before going to take some pictures at the Bush Library. Lets just say this might be the best picture we took of her that day!

Emma is trying to figure out how to put on her own shoes this day. I don't know if it is out of curiosity or out of self preservation, since her Dada has put her shoes on the wrong feet more than once this past week!

Emma practicing her phonic skills while learning the alphabet with this wonderful toy that her Godmother Cesily bought her for an early birthday gift!

As you can tell in the pictures, Emma is getting taller and her hair is getting a bit longer with some blond highlights. The majority of the clothing she is wearing in these pictures are 4T and she is wearing a size 6 shoe. She is a very active little girl and does not tolerating having to sit still for any length of time. She takes one 2 hour or 2 1/2 hour nap each day. She really enjoys playing outside, dancing, chasing her dog, playing basketball with her Dada, and still really loves the water. Emma also likes having her hair in a ponytail and wearing bows now. She will come up to you and tell you "bow," informing you that she would like to have her hair done.

We look forward to her getting to know her little sister Abigail soon and enjoy seeing them interact together!

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