Thursday, April 7, 2011

33 Weeks and 5 Days

We went to the doctor today and got some confirmation on things that we had thought would occur. Abigail and I are healthy and holding steady as we take it one day at a time until she makes her debut. At our visit today we did an exam, measurements, and the regular stuff that you do at every visit.

My tummy measurement came in at 37 weeks! It measured 34 weeks just last Thursday. This is a bit of a jump so the doc sat us down for some cautionary guidelines and what our next appoints will look like.

We have known from the start that Abigail was measuring ahead of schedule in her growth. Ray is extremely proud of the fact that he makes big babies. The doctor did reconfirm that there is no way for me to have a natural birth due to my physical structure, we knew this but he just wanted us to know that what we are doing is in the best interest of both the baby and mommy at this point. So due to Abigail's size we go back in two weeks for a thorough physical exam, ultra sound, measurements, and the regular stuff that they always do with each appointment. The doctor believes that Abigail could be around 6 or more pounds by this point due to the fact her measurements placed her in the 70% for growth with her weight close to 4 pounds in February. After this appointment we will be on weekly appoints always set on a specific day of the week in case they see signs that they need to schedule my c-section for an upcoming day.

So caution is the word of the day and I am to make sure and take it easy.... "I really do try to do this" yet not many people believe it! I am to stay hydrated, keep kick counts, and time any contractions that I might have. Our doctor does not think at this point that I will make my original c-section date that was scheduled in May, but would love it if I could make it to 37 weeks. So we will take it one day, week, and appointment at a time. If I go into labor on my own before 35 weeks they will do what they can to prevent Abigail from coming, but if this event should occur after 35 weeks they will deliver her. So now we are just waiting and hope that I make it to Easter weekend which will place me at 36 weeks.

So at this stage in my third trimester I have had people inquire of people I know if I am having twins due to the size of my tummy! Just yesterday the lady at the grocery store asked Ray how many babies were we expecting. I have had students ask other students and teachers if I was having twins.... So unless someone knows something I don't... NO I am not having twins, just a wonderfully healthy baby girl that will have the height to play in the WNBA when she is grown : )

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