Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Day

It started off with Emma waking up at 2 a.m. and coming into our room to lay down with her Daddy, so I went to her bed where I woke around 4:00 a.m. with major sinus issues.

My morning got off to a great start with Emma and I here at the house for breakfast, then off we went to start our day and let's just say things declined, went up, hit rock bottom, then hit some more highs!

It declined when dropping her off at day care because the owner of the establishment gave my daughter a thorough inspection due to the fact that Emma was injured there on Friday and she did not even realize it, although she was in the same area when it occurred. Now she is practicing C. Y. A. and making things really ugly since we gave her our two weeks notice on Monday that we would be moving Emma.

It went up at work because I enjoy what I do and love my students. We did practice Math TAKS testing today and that allowed me to get some other things accomplished that really made me smile.

When I went to pick up Emma from her old day care I had another negative experience with the owner, who again showed her lack of consistency and understanding of what it takes to run a day care facility. I went home frustrated, and after talking with Ray we decided to move Emma to her new day care tomorrow. After calling on my friends to pitch in and help me out, I went and collected Emma's items from the old day care.

When I arrived home I realized in all of my frustration that I left the burner on the stove going, which burned all the food in the pan and filled my house with really nasty smoke! My friend Mary and my wonderful neighbors across the street came to my rescue and helped me keep Emma safely outside and clear my house of all the smoke. Rock Bottom

The day hit a high when I checked my grad school grade and received another A for my final class. I am now officially done with grad school and looking forward to spending some more quality time with my family on a consistent basis.

I have gathered all of Emma's stuff, sanitized what was brought home from the old day care, packed my car, and realized that the old day care sent home some vital medication that belonged to another child with Emma's stuff. I will once again go and see the owner and explain that her incompetence puts others and their children at risk on a daily basis.

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