Saturday, April 3, 2010

March 20th at the Carico House

Emma with her Great Aunt Pat. We went to her house to help her celebrate her special day!

Emma with her Poppa trying to eat some flowers.

Emma likes to play with peoples' hats, mostly as a chew toy.

Emma loved spending time with all of her relatives. We wish we could see them more often.

Emma with her Great Aunt Sharon. I believe this might have been the first time Aunt Sharon got to hold her. In the past Aunt Sharon has been sick when near Emma.

Emma with her Great Uncle Gary. She really enjoys all of her male relatives the most because most of them have facial hair that she can pull on!

Emma with her second cousin Justin. This is the first time Justin has gotten to see Emma.

Emma taking some steps with Aunt Pat.

Emma going for Poppa's hat. Just trying to get some attention from her extra special guy.

Emma with Mommy getting some playtime in with a toy that Aunt Sharon brought for her to play with. She really loved this toy, it was very interactive and educational.

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