Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet Easter Treats

Nana and Emma making cupcake batter.

Emma taste testing her yummy batter.

Getting ready to do some decorating!

Emma super excited to see all the Peeps!

Emma now trying to taste test all the candy before we decorate.

Uncle Eric baked all of these tasty cookies, when it was all done we had 5 different types.

Finished products with cupcakes and stuffed eggs.

When this was over I used a total of 40 Peeps, 7 different types of sprinkles, 1 large bag of jelly beans, 2 1/2 containers of frosting, and lets just say there is only 1 left the day after Easter!

OCD much? Yes I know I am and I am proud of it, but they look so adorable lined up this way.

Presentation for our family to come and make their selections! They loved them.

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