Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hooray for Halloween

 The girls will be celebrating the 50's in style for a dress up day at school. The outfit on the left is for Abigail and was bought before we ever knew about this fun dress up day for the girls. The outfit on the right was bought after we found out for Emma. I added the poodle and the rhinestones to this cute little outfit. Looking forward to adorable pictures we will be taking of the girls.

 The outfits above are for our Abigail Grace for her 1st Halloween courtesy of her Nana and Poppa! Some of these spooktacular outfits were found at Cracker Barrel, Babies R Us, and Target. We are even getting professional pictures taken of the girls in their Halloween costumes.

The outfits above are for our Emma Elizabeth courtesy of her Nana and Poppa! Again these adorable outfits were found at Target, Carters, and Cracker Barrel. We are getting more excited as time gets closer and we start dressing our girls up. I was raised celebrating all of the holidays and I will enjoy doing the same with the girls!

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