Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Trip to Aggieland

We have been trying to get to Aggie land for a month to take the girls to Santa's Wonderland. So we decided to go on Saturday. We booked everything without looking at the weather report so of course we had no idea of the rain or the cold front that was coming with it. That being said and money already spent we went to College Station anyway and prayed the entire way their that it would not rain during visit to Santa's Wonderland to see the lights, drink some hot chocolate, and eat some kettle corn.

We got into town around lunch and decided to go into Bryan to eat some tasty steak at Sodolaks. It was a blessing that the rain had let up by then and it was not that windy... but it was in the 40's and all of us was dressed for the weather except Ray... who was in a t-shirt and some basketball shorts. The girls had to sit on either side of their Poppa before they would settle down and be happy. Abby Grace ate her steak and extra helpings from her Poppa, our girl is a true T-rex when it comes to beef. We ran into a friend that Ray used to work with at Brazos County 911. It was nice to see her and get to talk for a few minutes. While relaxing and enjoying lunch we got a message from Emma's wonderful Godfather am we were able to make arrangements to meet up with him and his family for a brief visit, which was a nice bonus for us all! 

But first we needed to hist some retail locations so I could get some Aggie gear, ornaments, and just be around all things Aggie! Plus Ray was in need of warmer clothing due to the weather so he purchased some much needed sweat pants to help him stay warm. I stocked up on Aggie Christmas shirts for next year and I am super excited to show them off. At work my boss lets us wear jeans the week before Christmas if you wear Christmas shirts or sweaters with them... so now I have four Aggie Christmas shirts and I am sure my super wonderful and loving husband will get me number 5 before next Christmas.

We had a lovely visit with Richard and his family at the Hilton in College Station so that he could see the girls and give them their gifts for Christmas. They were both really excited about seeing them and getting their gifts. We are blessed to have such a wonderful man be the Godfather for our little girl, he always does for them and is always there for us. Although our visit was brief it was heartfelt and meaningful for all of us.

Our trip to Santa's Wonderland was fun with the girls loving all that they saw. It was a bit on the wet and muddy side considering all the rain, but it was dry for our ride through the light, but due to the cold wet weather we did not stay too long and left for home. 

I am always excited to go back to the place I consider home and a bit sad when I have to leave, but I know I will always return and the love and memories that Aggie land holds will be there every time I return.

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