Sunday, November 6, 2011


When we found out about the Baytown position that could possible give Ray the position he had been searching for since 2008 I said a prayer, made a list of the multiple ways this position could bless our family, and lit a candle to show my burning desire for God to hear my prayer. So I thought it would be great for us to share some of the blessings that we will receive through Ray's new job.


Ray will now how better hours, resulting in him being able to spend more quality time with our precious daughters.

Also with a better work schedule Ray will be able to contribute to the household on a regular basis and we could save money by him doing things we normally have to pay someone to do (taking care of the lawn).

We will be able to enjoy time with our extended family, enjoy those gatherings that create wonderful memories and experiences for our little girls. 

We will now have the time and opportunity to expose our girls to more culture through theater, ballet, plays, musicals, museums, zoo, and many more events, locations, and availability to do this due to Ray's new work schedule. 

Ray will now be able to celebrate all Holidays with his family. This is a big one for us, sense we enjoy celebrating all holidays.

We will now be able to be a more active Aunt and Uncle to our numerous nieces and nephews. 

At one that I really look forward to is having a regular DATE NIGHT!!!

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