Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daddy Loves Me

Emma day 6 trying to get over her cold/double ear infections. We no longer have a fever but she woke with blood in her right ear again. She continues to take all medications well except for the ear drops. She slept better and longer last night, only woke three times.

She is having her morning snack while watching Micky Mouse Club House. She really enjoys this show and has started to interact with it by answering questions, pointing to things, and dancing to the music.

Even though she is sick you would be unable to tell it, for she is really happy most of the time. She is experiencing some pain with her ears so we are giving her something to help with that. Due to her ears hurting so bad she is not spending as long in the bath right now. My water baby is not to happy with that at all.

As you can tell with this adorable outfit that she has on that her Daddy believed this was a must buy item when we were shopping for Christmas a couple of weeks ago. Emma is a Daddy's Girl and Ray could not be any more proud or full of love for his Sweet Pea.

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