Thursday, December 30, 2010

Abigail's First Shopping Extravaganza

I saw these and could not resist from getting these adorable bloomers! I already have poses in my mind for her pictures with these on : )

I love the little monkey and those that know me know I have a real affection towards primates. So I could not pass up this cute little bath set for Abigail when I saw them.

Although we will have plenty of blankets to use from Emma's infancy, I wanted ones that were purchased just for Abigail. I thought they would go very well with the outfits we selected and others that she will inherit from her Big Sister.

Yes, your eyesight is not failing, you do see orange in this collection of clothing for Abigail. It is very minor in its amount, therefore her Daddy said it was okay to purchase. Plus, he could not pass up the prices!

These two pictures show a different collection, but it reflects that bath set with having the cute little monkey on it. I absolutely love Carter's clothing! They have been the best out of all of the brands we have tried. They are worth the price and are of great quality, plus the majority of the time you can get them on sale, find coupons, or go shopping at an outlet mall and really get your money's worth in the things you buy.

First I must say that Abigail is so blessed to have a Big Sister that will be able to pass down some really special outfits, clothing, toys, and many other items, but we both believe that Abigail should have some things of her own that helps establish her own special style and demonstrate bits of her personality and spunk!

Secondly, I am proud to say that Ray and I are really great bargain shoppers, Ray and I find many deals and coupons to stack with those deals the majority of the time we buy stuff. All of the stuff you see above except for the monogrammed bloomers were on clearance!!

Ray and I did start our baby registries at Target and Babies R Us. We have selected items that we would love to have just for Abigail and will tweak it as the months go along and we find that as we unpack things from storage they might have gone bad, gone missing, or we imagined we had it but really it was never there.

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