Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Emma's Gifts

Basketball is big in our house and Emma loves to watch the lady Aggies play all the time. So this is a very fitting gift as her Daddy gets her ready for her College days of playing for the Aggies!

This is no surprise to anyone who knows Emma, she loves Mickey Mouse. So as we would go through the stores she would always want to stop and interact with the dancing Mickey.

The instrument you see Emma with is a similar type of instrument that her Dad used to play in the 8th grade band! So of course when Poppa saw it he thought she had to have it.

This is the theme we went with this year for Emma's wrapping paper and Christmas card. We will get her a card each year. They will stay closed and in her hope chest until she is old enough to read them on their own. I love this tradition!

Well what can I say about the chair other than doesn't every Little Princess need their very own chair! She loves it, moves it around, and sits in it watching her Mickey Mouse and holding her princess blanket.

A princess play tent is also a must have item for a Princess. This gift is from her Uncle Eric and she already enjoys getting in it, dragging her blanket with her, and additional pictures to come soon when her room is redesigned to fit this item in it.

This home made ornament is too cute! The picture below is a hand made ballerina bow holder, its so precious. These gifts are from Milli up at Ray's work. She is very sweet and very talented.

As Emma gets older and starts to leave some of these gifts behind we will make sure to pass on our blessings to others who could benefit from such wonderful and thoughtful gifts that Emma received this Christmas season.

These are only a few of the items our Sweet Pea received from Santa and loved ones. Thank you all for making this a Christmas full of fun for Emma. Of course her favorite toy was the wrapping paper!

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