Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emma 17 Months

Emma has been growing so fast, but at last we think she might be slowing down a bit. She is holding steady at 30lbs. She still loves to take her naps, especially if she can take them in our bed. The picture you see here is her resting after having another round of ear drops for her double ear infections. This is the first time she has had any issues with her ears in over 10 months since we had her tubes put in.

Emma loves to play! She runs around the house and yard. Plays with her dog and all of her toys. She enjoys going "out" as she likes to say and even tells us "shoes" and "outside" when she really wants to go. She will bring us our shoes to get us to hurry up so we can go play. She likes to play fetch with Reggie inside or out. Anything round or light weight she thinks is meant to be tossed like a ball. She is really good with going down steps, holding your hand, and still is one of the friendliest and outgoing children that we know.

Emma is still a very easy-going, happy little girl : ) We were truly blessed with having such a wonderful little girl to call our own. She has developed a bit of sass and independence like any child does and we enjoy seeing her try to do things on her own. As she gets taller she is now able to reach things on top of the desk, counters, bathroom sinks, and can turn the knob on all the doors. She is wearing a 3T with a little room to grow and her foot size is between a 5 and 5 1/2 depending on the type of shoe you buy. She really does not want to wear headbands and bows all of the time and I refuse to be the Mom that forces her to do something she finds uncomfortable just because it makes her look extra cute in a particular outfit. She will play dress up from time to time and wear one long enough for some extra shots for the camera.

Emma loves to take pictures for the camera, laugh, and watch her favorite show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is dancing all around the house. She will dance in the car when Ray plays music or I have music on when taking her to and from day care. She plays with her musical instruments and dances to the noise she makes. Emma still loves to take a bath and we believe she gets extra messy at meal times just to get to play in the tub. She now prefers to take a bath in our master bathroom with the super big tub instead of her own. She washes her own hair, body, brushes her own teeth, and combs her hair. She is also at the point where she tries to dress herself, picks out her own clothing, and tries to put her own socks and shoes on.

Emma is till enjoying her new day care. She will be moving up into the bigger kids class in January. We are all looking forward to that. She tries to go into that room daily, so her teachers have been letting her visit and get used to the room and some of her new classmates. Emma is also getting used to the potty that we bought her. The first step is she likes sitting on it and over this Christmas break we will try using it on a regular basis. She is already letting us know when she needs to be changed most of the time and even helps with taking the diaper off. Emma has been picking up new words all of the time! There are so many I could write a miniature novel, but this post is already long enough.

We will continue to post as often as possible about our Sweet Pea and all of her progress. We will be turning this website into a book soon for her to have as a memento. Please continue to check up on us, leave comments, or come by for visits ; )

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