Saturday, December 18, 2010

17 Weeks

We had our checkup for the baby on Thursday, December 16th. We got to hear the heartbeat, discuss our future visit and ultrasound as well as some other topics to make sure we were all on the same wave length for what to expect, when to expect things, and how to go about getting some other issues taken care of. The baby is healthy, strong, and beautiful. The nurse commented that I have finally gained weight at this appointment. With this pregnancy I have shown a lot quicker, but really have not gained any weight until now. Up until this month I had actually lost weight.

I am over four months pregnant now. Officially I hit the 17 week marker on Tuesday, December 14th and the baby measured 18 weeks on Thursday, December 16th. My official due date would be May 25, 2011 but I will require a c-section and it is scheduled for mid May. The exact date will not be shared at this point in case it changes for any reason.

The baby's weight is a bit over 5 oz at this time and is about the size of a turnip. The baby's length is a bit over 5 inches. I can feel the baby move all of the time. We still use our Doppler here at the house to hear the heartbeat. Emma loves to help with this and even wants to do it on her own. We still do not know the gender, we both want to know, but are not in any rush.

I have been feeling good overall. Just more sensitive to smells this time. I am starting to sleep better at night and love taking naps with Emma during the day. My cravings so far have been salads, Italian food, or a sweet from time to time.

Ray and I feel extremely blessed to be expecting this little miracle and we both continue to grow as parents as we experience all the joys and frustrations of parenting our Sweet Pea Emma. We were just talking yesterday that our new baby will have a higher percentage of having the same type of seizures as Emma, but we are confident in our abilities as parents and in God Grace that all will be wonderful. We look forward to the next chapter in our lives with two beautiful, healthy, and active children.

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